Tuesday, July 18, 2017

July 18 - Sick Day

Hubby and Friend went to work early this morning so they could get home earlier to have more time to work on the barn.  They're plan is to do it that way the rest of this week.  Today they poured cement in this section where the old gutter actually ran under the east wall of the barn.  They can't do any other work on this wall until the cement is set, so they moved on to another area.
This is the southwest corner, the front, the side that faces the house, where the main door was and will be again.  Just from these two pics it doesn't seem like the did much in all the time they worked today.  Maybe they did some other stuff inside, I'm not sure.  And this evening hubby said their boss from work is even going to get in on helping with this project.  He's going to help with the electrical stuff that needs to be done out there.  How cool is that?

Well, I sort of fell back into my dark place today.  I've felt like I've been dancing around the edges of it again for a while now but when I woke up this morning I found myself deep in it.  I'd had a horrible dream just before waking up, actually it IS what woke me up, and my anxiety was sky high.  Just thinking about all the problems I'd be facing when I got to work was too much and I called in sick.  UGH!!!  My morning was miserable, wallowing in it all, and I knew I had to get busy on something to reroute my mood.  Started feeling much better around 10am and actually considered going to work.  Then it all just whacked me in the face again and I spent a chunk of time moping around on the verge of tears before I managed to get myself distracted with other things again.  I'm in a sort of neutral territory mood-wise right now as bedtime approaches.  I know I need to get my butt to work tomorrow.  It's just something that needs to be done.  I can't quit just yet.

One of the happy distractions I managed this morning was this addition to the craft room.
Not long after our trip to Germany back in 1999 I'd gotten these puzzles.  Hubby made the frames, and then for whatever reason these were never hung up anywhere.  They'd gotten set aside and moved around over time and I'd eventually forgotten about them.  Until now.  I founded them in behind stuff in our hall closet and knew exactly where I wanted them to go.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that one of the puzzles is Linderhof!  I'd remembered them both as Neuschwanstein.  I also moved my three little King Ludwig II pics from their shelf over to this wall.  I think it looks pretty darn cool!

When hubby came in from working on the barn this evening, he had a package that UPS or FedEx must have left on the porch.  It was this Neuschwanstein DVD I'd ordered just the other day.  Woohoo!  I haven't watched all of it yet but even so, it's not quite what I'd thought it would be.  I had thought it would be more of a tour of the castle, showing a lot of the inside.  While it does show some stuff from inside, it also has a lot of stuff about the general area of the castle, about Hohenschwangau (the little yellow castle nearby), and some other things.  It's really cool to see the Hohenschwangau stuff, but still, this isn't quite what I'd hoped it would be.

I also did some coloring today, playing around with different markers on different papers.  I didn't think to take any pics though.  Just imagine some very colorful fairies and unicorns.

Alrighty, I'm going to drag my delicate mind up to bed now to read more about Ludwig and hopefully have some peaceful sleep tonight.

What is your biggest stress right now?


  1. The craft room wall looks great! I love when puzzles are nice enough to hang up. Weirdly, the probate room at the San Mateo County Courthouse is decorated with puzzles. It always made me happy when I had to go there to file papers for my dad's estate :)

    Sorry to hear you're so stressed about work. That stuff can really take a toll on you physically, especially if it's affecting your sleep. As usual, my biggest stress is money and work and hoping our insane clients actually pay us!

    1. I used to think framing puzzles was dumb. Not sure where along the way my thoughts on that changed. Heck if you can get a nice, large puzzle for cheap, why not?

      Yikes! Hope those insane clients pay up! Perhaps they'll offer a Munchkin duel to settle the score. Dust off your dwarf, Kate!