Tuesday, July 4, 2017

July 4 - Happy 4th!

Happy 4th of July!

Did you all have tons of festive fun today?  It was rather blah around here.  I had another mopey, crabby day.  Hubby and I went to Menards bright and early this morning to return something and pick up a few things for the barn project.  Hubby's friend came over shortly after we got back and they worked in the barn until noon.  Ty and Casey were both here by then so hubby got the grill going.  The menfolk were all excited about cooking out, saying that's what the 4th of July has become to them, more than fireworks.  I was like "What?  Weirdos."  But it's true.  The killer mosquitoes every year have just killed our desire to shoot off or go watch fireworks.

So we all just sort of lounged around until the food was ready.  I was thinking about making cards but just sat and played Wizard101 in my funk.  Ty and Casey were playing some fighter game on PlayStation.  Not long after we ate, Ty headed home because he has to be up in the wee hours of the morning for work.  Casey hung around a little longer but then he too decided to head home.  Then it was just hubby and I, bored.  I stamped out some images to color, and he colored in one of his books, but my heart just wasn't into it and I gave up after I started getting messy.  I was seriously ready for bed by about 5:30pm.

I only did a little bit of decorating for the holiday.  Used to be I never decorated at all for the 4th.  It was only a year or two ago that I started.  This is on the buffet, the usual center of decorating.
Just crammed this mini flag into one of the planters here on the corner table in the living room.
That's just a cheapie dish towel from Walmart (or Dollar Tree?) as a sort of table runner on the kitchen table, and a cheap pack of holiday napkins.  And I think that's about it for inside.
I have some little decorations outside too but they're hard to see among the tall grass and weeds.  We've been slacking in the yard work department.  Just keeping it real!

 And that's it!  That's our rather ho-hum 4th of July!
Tomorrow is back to work for me and I'm already dreading it.  It's only one day though, and then I have my normal days off on Thursday and Friday.  I'm hoping to get a haul craft post up one of those days because the last of the things I ordered should be arriving Thursday morning.  For now though, although I'm dead tired from boredom, I will play Wizard101 for a while before giving up and going to read before bed.

Hope you all had a fun holiday, and I hope all of your fingers survived!


  1. I like that dishtowel. Was at Walmart the other day but didn't even think to look at the holiday stuff. I got a string of red, white & blue LEDs from the Target $1 bins and "clouded" them around my Amazon Echo yesterday which was kind of cute. I tried to take a photo but the LEDs didn't show up well at all. Very grumpy about being back at work today :(

    1. Oh my gosh, totally random thought since you mention the dishtowel....I wonder if Casey ever got out his 4th of July towel and potholders that I bought him?! Hmmmm! I bet he didn't cuz boys don't care about that stuff. lol

      I very briefly glanced at Target's Dollar Spot a week or so ago but these days I tend to not even look because I know I'll buy a ton of crap I'll never use. I'm such a sucker for all that crafty, stationary stuff!

      I was pretty grumpy about going back to work too. I hope your day turned out alright though!


  2. I love that you decorated for the 4th! We have an American flag in the ground by the mail box. I don't think I have ever decorated for it. But hey. Less than two months and the fall stuff comes down!!!! Hooray!

    1. I only have a very few decorations for the 4th compared to other holidays but it was nice to do that little decorating. In fact, I *love* that there are just a few things! It makes it quick and easy for me. And I was thinking that too, that the next decorating I do will be for fall. *happydance* I'd love to minimize for that too but I just love all the fall decor I see and have to have it all.