Wednesday, July 5, 2017

July 5 - Quick Stuff

My mood was better today.  I was so mopey and stressed last night about going back to work today, I slept like crap and had the weirdest dreams.  Got to work this morning and was pleasantly surprised to find all three of my lines were down for the day, and many of the people who tend to annoy me were on vacation.  Heck yeah!  My day turned out to be so quiet and mellow.  Once again it was that blissful feeling of just not being bothered.  And now I have my normal two days off again, so hopefully the mood stays on the upswing.

I got my click-n-ship notice for my Sweet Fixations order this evening.  This is my fall and winter must-haves order.  I'd been debating placing a fall/winter scents order from Dessa's but now I've decided to pass on that.  I'll just use my leftovers from last year, this SF order, and then buy what I like from Walmart.  I'm okay with that, looking forward to it actually.

Today is the six week mark since placing my Bathing Garden order.  We'll see how fast it gets here now.  I only ordered two scrubs, so if you're excited for a wax haul, nope.

And tomorrow should be the arrival of my crafty order.  I'm really looking forward to that!  I will try to get my craft haul post up tomorrow, for those who interested in that stuff.

It's supposed to be hot and humid tomorrow, near 90.  Bleah!  Glad I don't have to go anywhere or do anything.  I'm just going to lounge around home in from of the fan.

I'm off to read now.  I'm almost finished with that dang beast of a book!  I'm going to try and finish it tonight, just to finally be done.  I want to be done not only because I'm anxious to get to my Ludwig book, but also because I'm just so sick of this one.  A 699 page book with only about 200 pages of actual story.  Ugh.  The review for this one will be a bunch of whining, for sure.  lol

What exciting thing has captured your attention these days?

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