Thursday, July 6, 2017

July 6 - Craft Haul

Well I did not quite finish that book last night before bed, so I've been trying to finish it today but keep getting distracted by things.  Like the mail arriving, which brought me a crafty package, which means I can finally do this haul post.  I thought I'd go ahead and post this early enough in the day, so I can still go play with my new crafty things.  Or, you know, go finish reading that book.

This is a simple bar magnet.  These are all the rage now for use in the Misti stamping tool.  Small, circle magnets have been the usual style to hold the paper in place but last fall or winter a big name crafter mentioned these bar magnets and of course everyone has to have them now.  I thought it would be so handy to just have one magnet instead of those little ones that like to snap together because I forget and move them too close to each other.  But actually, I don't really like using this one for some reason.  It also seems to be just a hair too thick, like the Misti cover won't close and stamp completely.

I gave in and got my first set of Distress Inks.  These are the mini cubes, just one set so I could just try them out.  I still don't know all the finer details about different types of inks but it seems this is the preferred style for creating your own backgrounds, and they react with water so it's common to see crafters doing a water droplet splatter effect type look.  I have not played around too much yet but my first attempt was nothing impressive.  I was like 'Why are these so great?'  But I'll play with them more and see if it eventually clicks for me.

Bought a pack of these ink applicator/blender tools too, thinking I'd eventually have a full collection of the Distress Inks.  The little foamy end things are removable so you can have one dedicated to each ink color, and just pop one off and the next one on as you work.  These also fit in the bottoms of the mini cubes for storage, so it's easy to keep each colored applicator with its proper ink pad.

Got this boring hardboard for when I do watercolor painting.  Any hard, flat surface would do but hey, get what the pros use, right?  This is like a clipboard type material.  You tape your paper onto this while you paint.  Taping the edges helps minimizing the warping of the paper.

Of course I had to have this die set because, well, it's a castle.  You cut the pieces out of whatever paper you're using and build your castle how you want it.  I saw some really cute example pics online.

Bought this small stencil with that castle die in mind, but I think the bricks will actually be too big to use with it.

Florals are not my thing in wax or in stamps but after trying watercoloring, they seem like an easy thing to color and a versatile image to have on hand.
Got this mini set just for added sea creatures.  I've seen some cute summery themed cards that include this set.

I've wanted this set for a while but keep passing it up whenever I'm ordering things.  I have the winter fairies version of this already.  I recently saw the most colorful and adorable card made with this set and that's what made me decide it was time to get it.

I seem to be collecting a lot of background stamps lately.  I just like this gingham design.

Yes!  Fall stamps!  This isn't new but I'm finally getting it.  The site I ordered from did not have the coordinating die set in stock, but I will get it from somewhere soon.

And Halloween!  This one seems quite versatile, and I have sets of notecards in mind.  Again, the die set was out of stock at the time.

I saw this set some time ago when it was all the rage but for whatever reason was not interested in it.  Now that I'm playing around with watercolor painting and embossing and shimmer, these unicorns are suddenly of interest to me.  There are also wing stamps in the set, so I can change the unicorn into a pegasus if I want.  Oh yeah, and there is a castle stamp in the set.

Finally got myself a jar of super fine clear embossing powder.  Many of the crafters prefer using clear powder over black ink instead using black powder, which is very finicky and messy.

Of course I then had to get some black sticky ink.  This stuff is different than regular stamping ink, in that it stays wet and sticky longer, which allows you to dump the embossing powder on it.

Annnnnd finally, I went crazy and bought every color of Perfect Pearls powder I could find.  I already had four colors (pearl, bronze, copper, and gold) and it was playing with those that I fell in love with the look and imagined myself using the technique for everything.  So of course I needed color options!
There are a couple different ways you can use the powders.  I prefer this dry method.  You stamp with sticky ink and then just brush the powder over the stamped areas.  It leaves a shimmery, sort of metallic or foiled look.  Most people talk about using it on darker colored paper to really get the full effect, but I think it looks awesome even on white paper.  I *love* this but need to practice setting the powders after application.  People say to use a fine mist of water or hairspray.  I'm still learning how to not glob on too much mist.
You can also mix a tiny bit of the powder with a tiny bit of water and use them as shimmery paints, which is what I've done in this example pic.  See all that shimmer?  This example also has the clear embossing powder on black sticky ink.

So yeah, I think I have plenty of things to play with now, don't you?!
I need to practice these new techniques though.  I have all these ideas in my head but get so frustrated when I try them and fail.  Baby steps, dear.  Baby steps.

That is my collective craft haul for now.  I'd like to say I'm done ordering for a while but we all know that would be a lie.  With the excitement and plans going ahead for our little crafty hobby farm, and with new fall items probably coming out soon, I'm sure I'll be ordering plenty more, plenty soon.

What do you think of the Perfect Pearls looks?
Are you familiar with Distress Inks?
What should I make first?!


  1. I love all these new crafty goodies! Your demos all look really cute. So the distressed inks, you just use them for back ground and accents? I remember loving using ink pads and running the edges of the cards and mat backings along the edges with them to give it a cool effect. I still do that sometimes. I remember using the daubers too, to smudge and create cool effects on the edges. Paper crafts are so much fun. Enjoy your goodies!

    1. Yeah, I've only ever really seen the Distress Inks used for blending backgrounds and things like that. I haven't seen them used for stamping sentiments or images. I played around with mine a bit more after posting this haul and was once again a bit disappointed. I think I'll try playing with watercolors again, see if I can create some cool background blends with those instead.


  2. I'm unfamiliar with all of these products and terminology, but I imagine getting this craft haul was better than Christmas. The stamp sets are the most whimsical happy group; loving the scarecrow maize set, the jelly/starfish and the leopard guy on the sticky ink sample. Oh and the Frankenstein and Bride hairdos! Have fun practicing:)

    1. I can't wait to start playing! I need to get the coordinating dies though and just can't find one of them in stock anywhere. *grrr*

      Also, who knew it would be so difficult to find regular orange cardstock?!