Friday, July 21, 2017

Loot Crate - Wizarding World Box / July 2017

I received my latest Wizarding World box from Loot Crate today.  I had not seen any teasers or anything about this box, and had actually forgotten it was even time for the next one.  So yay for surprises!  Let's dive right in!

Open the box and this is what you first see.
Turns out this is a Defense Against the Dark Arts themed box.

Ah, a lovely t-shirt.  Nice!  I think four of the five boxes I've gotten so far have included a t-shirt.

This is pretty cool.  It's fairly large and heavy pin version of Tom Riddle's second Horcrux, Marvolo Gaunt's signet ring.

A neat little pocket or purse sized journal.  The cover is a soft faux leather type material, the 96 sheets of cream colored paper are lined, and there is an attached silk ribbon to mark your place.
AND the inside cover has the signatures of Dumbledore's Army.
Pretty neat!

These are super cool!  They are Guardians of Hogwarts bookends.  One says Locomotor, and the other says Piertotum.  They are metal, decently sturdy, and sufficiently large to look awesome holding up those big ol' hardcover editions of the Harry Potter books.

And then there is this.  Oh my gosh, when I pulled this out of the box I think I totally did a fangirl screech.  The pic doesn't show it enough but the box says 'Ollivanders' and 'Severus Snape.'  It's a wand pen!  Snape's wand!  *screeeeeech*  The handle part of the wand just pulls off and the black wand part is the pen.  It's actually really heavy for a pen!

There is also this white cardstock with some images that can be popped out.  The pic, again, doesn't show it very well, but it's a white stage and a Dementor type shadowy figure behind it.
There are instructions for how to refold the box and insert the card, then use a flashlight to cast the shadow and patronus images.  Kinda fun but I think I'll just leave them intact to save them.

Pretty cool stuff, huh?
I think I have one box left in my subscription.  As fun as they are to receive, I won't be renewing my subscription.  I just have no use for most of the fun things I've gotten.  Years ago I would have just been thrilled to collect everything.  These days though, I ooh and aah for a few minutes and then it gets tucked back into the box and shoved aside to gather dust.  I keep telling myself that someday I'll have my library built and I can display things on the shelves.  Will that day ever come?  Who knows?  So for now, yeah, the boxes I've received so far are just shoved aside and gathering dust.  I've been considering some fun giveaways, but want to wait till my subscription is complete first.

So anyway, what was your favorite thing from this box?


  1. Jealous, jealous, jealous, why don't I have a wand pen? And I need those bookends!

    1. Everyone should have a wand pen. I haven't tried to cast spells with mine yet...