Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Sweet Fixations Haul

It's become my tradition to order my favorite fall and winter wax scents from Sweet Fixations.  This year I went minimal on my order, only getting my absolute must-haves.  This order looks so tiny!  That old tendency to overdo it is feeling a bit twitchy as I look at these few cups, but I'm also reminding myself that yes, I always overdo it when it comes to fall scents.

So let's just dive in and see what my must-haves are!
There is absolutely nothing new about any of these choices, and they've all been reviewed to death here on this blog so I'm not going to spend much time talking about them now.  Just know that they are fabulous and you need to have them.

Cozy Nights - '(SF Blend) Cozy fall spices and a cup of hot apple cider.'
I've had SF's Cozy Home before too and enjoyed it but something in my notes leads me to believe I enjoyed this one more.  I think it might be deeper, more full bodied.  Now I wish I had the other to compare.
Pumpkin Souffle - 'Butter, sugar, spices, vanilla cream and pumpkin.'
This was THE absolutely must-have for Thanksgiving for me for a long time.  A lot of people find this one too rich and savory, and smelling it right now in July when it's mid80s and humid, yeah, I feel that way too.  But come fall, especially November, this will be making me happy.
Pumpkin Patch - 'Sweet and creamy pumpkin pie with butter, pecans, and a hint of spice.'
A very nice pumpkin scent, not too much bakery or spice.

Pumpkin Pecan Waffles - 'Sweet pumpkin, maple syrup, and buttery crunchy pecans.'
I'm sure everyone knows this scent by now.  It took me a while to come around to this one but now it's a fall tradition for me.

Apple Harvest - 'Apple mixed with fruity notes and touches of spice.'
A wonderful apple scent for early fall, with only the slightest hint of spice to keep it from being plain ol' juicy apple.
Bobbing for Apples - 'Crunchy toffee chips and apples dripping with buttery caramel.'
Gotta have a caramel apple scent for fall!

Cranberry Orange Spice - 'Tart cranberries, orange zests, and spiced apples.'
I go back and forth on this one as to whether I prefer it for fall or for Christmas.  Right now, sniffing it in July, it screams fall to me with it's deep spiced fruit notes, like a hot spiced punch.
Cranberry Cobbler - 'Sweet and sour red cranberries baked in sugar and lightly browned pie crust.'
This one is a newer favorite of mine, and perfectly compliments the heavier scents like Pumpkin Souffle to help round out your Thanksgiving day scents.  This is a brighter, tart cranberry instead of the darker, warmer spiced cranberry scents that I prefer.  What makes this one okay is that touch of bakery mixed in with it.
Spiked Eggnog - 'A yummy holiday drink with vanilla, rum, and nutmeg!
I've tried a lot of different eggnog scents but this is the one I keep coming back to.  This is the one that is how I think of eggnog, with those familiar sort of 'sour' notes and that touch of rum and spice to warm it up.

Candy Cane - 'Sweet cool mint candy. Great holiday scent.'
And finally, a good vanilla-mint scent is my favorite Christmas scent.  This one isn't quite my ideal but it's fabulous nonetheless.

Snow Fairy - [no scent description]
I received this as a free sample with my order.  I don't see it on her website so maybe it will be a new scent . . . ?  Anyway, it is a dupe of a very popular Lush scent, which is bubblegum and vanilla.  I'm not wild about this as a home fragrance so I might pass this one to someone else.

Fruity Pebbles - 'Just like the cereal.'
I also received this free sample.  Everyone knows this scent by now, the fruity cereal scent that I can take or leave.  It reminds me of Easter.  Maybe I'll hang onto it until then.
That's it!  Those are my absolute fall/winter must-haves from Sweet Fixations.  The scent shots cost $1.75 and mine ranged in weight from 1.4 - 1.6 oz.  I ordered on Thursday morning, June 22 and received it on Saturday, July 8.  I can handle a 16 day TAT!  Shipping is charged separately, at the time your order is completed.

Looking at this order, I'm once again thinking it's too small.  I think I might go back and order more of the Spiked Eggnog and Candy Cane at least, because those are two scent the retail wax options seem to skip each year.  Other than that though, I'm going to wait and see what Walmart has this year for fall scents and hopefully find some good ones.  I also still have a bunch of wax left over from last fall.  So even though I'm feeling a bit twitchy about going minimal this year, I think it'll work out okay.

What are some of your fall must-haves?
Have you ever tried Sweet Fixations??

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