Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Bathing Garden Haul

I go through phases with body scrubs.  Sometimes I love them and sometimes I'm too lazy and can't be bothered with that extra step in the shower.  A couple months ago I finished the only scrub I had on hand, a Bathing Garden sugar scrub that had been gifted to me.  Ah, no biggie.  I'll just order more.  Except, oh yeah, there is long TAT and you know I'm impatient when it comes to that.  Still no biggie, I'll just buy this retail brand instead.  Except, wait, turns out I don't like that one.  So I searched some indie bath and body shops I used to be familiar with but it seems many of them have gone to the same annoying open/close/long TAT style that wax vendors live by.  I gave up in frustration, figuring I'd probably phase out of using scrubs soon anyway.

But it kept nagging at me and I'd recently gotten the email about the new Bathing Garden release so decided place an order, even with that long TAT.

It's just a small order but I thought I'd show you anyway.

Mid-Summer Song (Shea Oil Sugar Scrub) - 'Sugared vanilla, candied lemon and orange, and sweet dark berries.'
I never know what I'm going to get with TBG.  The scent descriptions always seem like they'd never be my style, but then I'll get something from a bloggy friend and I'll be surprised that I love the scent.  So I had to just sort of pick notes I thought I'd like and hope for the best when I ordered this time.  I knew it would still be summer when I received this order so I wanted something fun and fruity.   This very pretty scrub smells very nice.  I would not like it for home fragrance but I do like it for body products.  It's sweet and fruity, with those dark berries really presenting themselves in the blend.  It's also a 'thick' sort of scent, somewhat creamy and full.

Pink Sugar Pie Crust (Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub) - 'A layer of sweet pink sugar under sugared pie crust.'
I wanted something a little less fruity and bright for as the summer winds down into fall so I thought this might be okay, that added bakery note maybe warming things up a bit.  It really does.  This is the familiar Pink Sugar scent with just enough bakery to tone it down and make it yummy.  I wonder how this would be in home fragrance?
Blackberry Jam & Lemon Curd (Mango Butter Sugar Scrub) - 'Tart, ripe blackberry is layered with delicious London lemon curd.
I *think* this might have been the first scent I ever ordered from TBG, years ago, in wax form.  I don't remember what I thought of it then but this free sample reminds me of Flintstone vitamins.  I'm not sure if that's good or bad!  LOL  It's a fun, sweet scent though and I'll probably dive into this little guy first.

Cemetery Keys - [no scent description]
The website said 'All Summer orders will ship with Halloween samples,' and sure enough, this looks pretty Halloween-y to me.  It's a gorgeous little pumpkin shaped tart, gray wax with a dusting to black shimmer over it.  I really wish I knew the scent description because I suck without something to guide me.  Whatever is in this blend, I do not like it.  Hubby thinks there is something citrus in it.  I think there is something very sharp and bug spray-like in it.  I will be passing this on to someone who will enjoy it more.

Even though I might not always like the scents, I *always* appreciate free samples with orders.  They really can open your eyes to scents or items you might otherwise overlook.

That is my little scrub order.
The 8 oz. scrubs cost $9.00, and shipping was $7.50.  I ordered on May 24 and received it on July 10, so it was around the 6 week TAT stated on the site.

I'm curious to see what's in the next release as far as scrubs.  I'm pretty sure the one is Halloween release since we're getting Halloween samples.
Anyone know what that release will happen?


  1. I go through phases with scrubs too. I find them difficult to use in the shower and I don't have a tub so I'm mainly using them for exfoliating my hands after removing nail polish right now. I have about 10 scrubs languishing unused right now.

    Great scent choices! I love Pink Sugar Pie Crust in wax; it is very popular.

    1. Sometimes I'm just too lazy to bother. I don't really notice any difference when I do use them or when I don't, so I don't know why I sometimes feel I need to. lol


  2. How pretty! Your Mid SUmmer one looks so darling with the flowers. Glad you are liking the ones you got for the most part. Cemetery Keys is a floral blend. I think I remember liking it. The grey pumpkin is too cool though. Too bad you didn't get pumpkin pie or something you like though.

    1. The little pumpkin is very cool looking, indeed. I can't wait to see the Halloween release, see if there is a fall scrub I can nab.