Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Aug. 1 - Barn Natters

Ahh, little Cinnamon with your weird eyes and small head.
I went to Casey's for a bit today, had to play with the baby.  lol

Yesterday I was at my mom's, taking her shopping and doing her laundry.  I got really frustrated and angry with her for a bunch of reasons but managed to bite my tongue.  When I got home from there, Ty was here doing his laundry.  He hung out for a while and we chatted about stuff.  This morning Casey stopped over on his way home from work.  He had a problem with his debit card and was waiting for the bank to open so he could call them.  Turns out they called him first and he had to go there to get it straightened out.  Apparently there was some sort of breach related to Kmart and many people had their accounts hacked.  Someone tried to make a purchase in Spain with Casey's card but it was flagged and blocked.  Whyyyyyyy do these lazy asshole hackers have to do this crap?  Why can't people just get jobs and contribute to society decently?!  Ugh, it makes me so mad.

Anyway, moving on before I rant for days . . . 

Work on the barn continues, although it might be slowing down for a while.  Hubby and his friend are finally starting to feel burned out.  Not only that, but work is picking up back at the shop and they need to start putting in some overtime.  While this cuts into their barn work time, the money from the overtime will come at a good time because we're going to have start making some more expensive purchases soon for them to continue.  We were discussing whether to do windows now or later.  Hubby and the friend both voted for later, like in the spring.  They are more concerned with getting the walls done, insulation up, and siding on so they can be doing work out there in the winter.  Makes sense I guess, but I'm just so anxious to see it with windows and doors back in it!

It's harder now to get pictures of the work that's been done each day.  A lot of it is smaller things, or inside things, stuff that's hard to show in pictures.  I can show you a before and after of the south wall though.
This is the side that faces the house, the side we look at the most.  This is the side that will have the most windows, and they're hoping to do a fancy, custom built door for the main entrance there on the left.

I also found out they have much bigger plans than just using this space as a casual crafting hobby.  They want to turn it into a small business, selling online and at craft fairs and even from the shop itself.  I'm not sure how I feel about venturing back into an actual business but after hubby explained it all to me in more detail it appears that I'll be able to sell my cards and papercrafts (if I ever get going!) and might even start up soap making again.  The soap part is iffy right now.  I'd probably wait until I could retire from my actual job before I threw myself back into that again.  Still, it's all kind of exciting even if I am a Nervous Nellie Debbie Downer.

Seems like I had so much more to natter about but now I'm drawing a blank.
So on that note, I will get this posted and go play some Wizard101.

What do you think?
About anything?


  1. Cinnamon is sooo adorable! We've had to get new debit cards a few times. Last one was several suspicious charges; fortunately our bank was helpful and they were all refunded.
    Looks like lot of progress has been made on the barn; that's great!

    1. We had to get a new credit card a year or two ago. I was SOOOOOO pissed, not only that it had been hacked but because we'd had that same card for probably 20 years!

      The barn is coming along nicely, and amazingly fast. I'm surprised they've kept going at the pace they have!


  2. Ooh a little business where you can involve your hobbies. Sounds like fun!

    1. Hello, Martina!

      We're hoping it will be! I'd like to keep it much more at the hobby level, but hubby and his friend want to go all the way to business level. Still, once they get some yard signs made for me to paint, it'll be fun.