Monday, August 14, 2017

Aug. 14 - Yep, Still Alive

Well that was quite a break from blogging, huh?  And totally unintentional.  I'd come to realize during my week off at the start of the month, that I was just as miserable at home as I was at work.  That told me my funk was not quite as work related as I'd thought.  I just sort of shifted in my interests after that for a while.  I didn't worry about making cards or doing blog stuff, or really anything.  I just sort of hung out and puttered on other things, went to Casey's place a few times, started playing UO and Wizard101 more again, and just did whatever.  But the urge to blog has been growing the past couple days so here I am.

The barn project continues.  They have insulation up on all four walls now, except for a few spots along the sloped edges on each end.  They've done a lot of work inside, most of which is hard to show in pictures.
If you remember, there used to be two rows of support posts and leftovers from when there were stall walls on each side of the center cement slab.  Those are all gone now and they have the single row of support posts going right down the center of the building.  They also redid the stringers that run across the roof, raised them up about two feet so the eventual ceiling will be higher.  The place looks HUGE inside now.  Holy moly, it's like a whole new building!

Fattycat's 16th birthday was last week (Aug. 8).  He's still doing pretty good.  I need to make his appointment to have bloodwork and everything rechecked soon.

Casey's roommate moved out last weekend.  Yes, his second roommate has already left.  This guy was totally taking advantage of things, having his brand new girlfriend pretty much living there already.  It will suck for Casey having to pay all the bills on his own, but he says he already feels so much better living alone.  And he has Cinnamon to entertain him now.  Hopefully life finally settles down for him!

I've been out of 'everyday' wax for almost two weeks now.  I have a ton of fall scents waiting to be started on September 1, but for now I'm just going to take this little break.  I noticed at Walmart today that they have a bunch of fall scents in the American Home/Yankee line.  It was super fun to see and sniff them but I probably won't buy any.  The fall ones are on sale right now but I still prefer my Scentsationals/BHG.  There is a cranberry one in the American Home line though that I might get since Scentsationals/BHG lacks in that area.

Anyone watching that new show The Sinner?  I was intrigued and watched the first episode but haven't watched any after that.  I'm still intrigued but there was just enough weirdness to turn me off.

Game of Thrones has been pretty good though, huh?!  Especially last night's episode!  So many clues about Jon!  And I said to hubby at one point, "What if we all got it wrong and Khaleesi turns out to be the monster tyrant, not Cersi?"  Hmmm.

Alrighty, well, I hope you're all doing fine and dandy out there.
Are you reading anything interesting?
Watching anything good?
Doing anything fun?


  1. In your spare time just doing whatever you feel like when you feel like it is probably a good idea. If you feel pressure to work on your hobbies they can become like, well, work. Good for you taking things at your own pace.
    I'm seriously impressed with the barn project; what a huge undertaking and it looks better and better with every photo you share!
    Poor Casey has bad luck with roommates. I hope he will be happy on his own. I love that he has a kitty friend.
    I have bought quite a bit of the BHG and Scentsationals wax. Isn't sniffing all the new fall scents exciting?

    1. I keep telling myself not to buy any fall scents yet because I have a ton left from last year, but on the other hand if I keep waiting they'll be gone when the time comes that I want them! lol


  2. Happy Birthday to Fattycat! 16 is quite impressive.

    1. He's skinny and sleeps a lot but he's still social and plays a bit, and can still take Minion down if he's fed up enough. And then Minion acts like a betrayed little victim.


  3. Hey there pretty lady! I am loving the barn renovation pics... so much is getting done! You will be out there tooling around making something in no time. This really is the perfect time to take a melting break. I forgot to tell you my bedroom warmer broke so I am using up some candles in there before I go out and buy another.

    If I was Casey I would be content to live with my kitty. Roommates are nice if you need money help with the place but if not, totally enjoy eating those nachos in the undies. I am reading The Enchantress of Florence and was watching Poldark (finished it) and it made me a little sad and a lot mad. SO trying to detox from that and my rage at George Martin, who completely sucks.

    Sending you love. <3

    1. I tried to make sure both boys were capable of living on their own, pounded into their heads that it's better to have a place yourself if you can swing it. I think Casey sees that now.

      I'm kind of anxious for hubby to start making some holiday yard decorations that I can start painting! We used to that several years ago and made quite a few.

      I don't know that book or that show so now I'm intrigued about why you're sad and mad. I'll have to look them up.

      As for George and his violet clues that you missed....come to the other side, join us, watch the show.... :p