Monday, August 28, 2017

Aug. 28 - Craft Haul

I'd mentioned in my Achy Joints announcement post that I might stop showing a lot of the craft related stuff here.  Well, I realized I can't really show hauls on Facebook or Instagram like I do here.  I'd be more limited to lumping everything into one pic.  Plus, maybe people there won't give a crap about what I've bought and are just more interested in the finished products.  *shrugs*  So, yes, hauls and crafty natters will continue here.

Lawn Fawn, my favorite stamp and die company, had their big fall/winter release last week Thursday.  I had to work that day and was afraid things would sell out so I got up a bit earlier and did some frantic shopping that morning.  I ended up placing orders at three different craft supply sites, and not all of it was Lawn Fawn.  (Hey, I need it all for Achy Joints, right?!)  Two of the orders arrived today but the third needed signature confirmation and no one was home at the time to do it.  And wouldn't you know, that particular order is the bulk of the new release stuff.  *sigh*  So look for another haul post later this week, after I have a chance to go pick up the package.

Now that I'm finally starting to use sequins on my cards, and am even considering trying my hand at shaker cards, I wanted to get some fun fall and Halloween colors.  I didn't realize when I ordered that the pack in the middle is not the typical sequin type we all know.  They are just flat discs, and not even shiny.  I don't know if I'll actually use those.  Bummer.  But the other ones are super cute!

I finally decided I need to try this tape for masking techniques.  All the cool kids mention Post-it tape but this looks smaller (narrower) than what I see them using.  Whatever though.  I'll give it a try.

Halloween sets were a goal in these orders I placed.  I couldn't believe it recently when I realized I only had ONE Halloween set!  This is the Newton's Perfect Pumpkin set from Newton's Nook.  I love that vendor because so many of the sets feature cats.  The one downfall is that many of the sets don't have matching die sets.  I hate cutting out images by hand, hate it with the passion of a thousand suns, but the Newton's sets are so. darn. cute!

This set is Newton's Boo-tiful Night and again, how stinkin' cute are those Halloween images?!  Of course the cats will all be black for these.  hehe

I managed to grab a few older Lawn Fawn Halloween sets in my ordering frenzy.  This Trick or Treat mini set is simple yet awesome.

This Spooktacular set has a nice assortment of Halloween basics.

This Happy Haunting set gets a little more challenging, with things to create a spooky scene.

One of the few new release Halloween items that came in these lesser orders is this fun spider and web die set called Cute Cobweb.  I've seen some really neat looking projects featuring the web die cuts in the corners.

This is one of the new release paper packs, a 6x6 pad called Perfectly Plaid - Chill.  I'm not wild about these particular colors or anything but since it was selling out on other sites I thought I'd grab it while I could.  That straw colored paper on the left could work for some fall cards.  The blue could work for winter, I guess.  The rest could be used for any time of year, or for boy cards.

Another of the new paper packs in this release is this Knit Picky 6x6 pad.  These will obviously be fun for Christmas cards but the red over on the right could even be for Valentine's Day card because the stitch design kind looks like hearts.

Lawn Fawn always includes samples when you order directly from their site.  This is what I got this time: three 6x6 papers, and length of their twine, and a little 'Merci' and flower stamp.  Thank you, Lawn Fawn!

Lawn Fawn recently paired up with Ellen Hutson for an exclusive and limited addition set.  So, uh, yeah, I had to have it before it was gone.  This is the Love Ya Bunches set.

And a sample of ribbon was included as thanks from the Ellen Hutson site.  I'll give you one guess who I immediately thought of when I pulled this out of the package.  lol

And these last two things I picked up at Walmart recently.  I didn't have these black gemstones in my collection and thought they'd come in handy for Halloween cards so I grabbed a pack.

I'm trying to figure out a better place and way to take pics of my finished cards.  I know the cool kids use 12x12 papers as neat looking backgrounds so I decided to try this pack from Walmart.  I played around briefly with a setup idea I'd had but the lighting wasn't good enough in that area that I'd chosen.  Back to the drawing board on that whole thing.

That's what I've accumulated recently.  I can't wait to show you the bulk of the order from the new release though!

What do you think?
Which set or image is your fave?


  1. So much cuteness! I am selfishly trilled that you will still be posting your crafting hauls. I live vicariously through them. My heart will always have a crafty compartment. The Spooktacular set is my favorite. And I love that you plan to make all the cats black like Minion. Too fun! The middle flat sequins might be fun for making black eyes for ghosts or something? Just trying to find a use for them.

    Hey! That teal ribbon and fin has my name all over it. ;-) I hope Thursday is your best day ever when that huge haul comes through. I did get some mint tea in the mail that I won on IG recently. That was fun.

    1. I meant to throw that ribbon and fin in you Fall Friendship Box but forgot all about it! Scatterbrain these days, I tell ya!

      I'm happy to be keeping hauls going here. I was looking back through old blog photos folders and loved looking at all the haul things I've done. Just fun to see them and remember 'Oh hey!'

      I need to find a way around the black marker turning the kitties into silhouettes. I tried a dark gray but it just wasn't 'black cat' enough.