Thursday, August 3, 2017

Aug. 3

Hubby and friend got back to work on the barn today, although it was more just cleaning and rearranging some things in preparation for the next phase.  This next part won't be as quick and 'easy' as the walls phase was.  Now they're working up in the rafters, raising the stringers that run across, so they can create a higher ceiling.

Cinnamon (Casey's kitten) had his first vet visit today and all is fine with him.  Even his weird eyes.  What?!  Casey says the vet said they are just a unique color, sort of a rainbow color on a green base.  They're still weird.  But anyway, he had an exam and two shots, and got his neuter appointment set up for later this month.

Casey came over for a bit this morning and helped me move his old dresser and bookshelf down from upstairs so I can use them in the craft room.  I did manage to rearrange things in there but I'm not sure I like how it is yet.
I moved the desk up against the wall instead of sitting in the center of the room.  I also swapped the folding chair out for a wooden stool.  I like that things won't be falling off the front edge of the desk now and that I can just turn and hop off the stool to go grab whatever I need, but I don't like how all the light is now behind me.  The stuff on the shelves and along the wall needs to be better organized but I'm not sure how I want to do that yet.
Across the room from the desk, I've put the old dresser to use as my cutting station.  My Cuttlebug die cut machine will sit there, with the plates in the top drawer, and I've also set me large paper cutter there with the bulk white paper that I cut the most also in the top drawer.  I love that this dresser is a perfect working height for such tasks, and that that both pieces of equipment fit there on top.
Already mentioned the plates and white paper in the top drawer.  The second drawer now holds my baskets of stamps and die sets.  Again, nearly perfect level to look down on them as I flip through to find what I want.  The only thing is clear plastic pockets they're in stand just a hair too tall and I have to sort of push them back/down when I close the drawer.  Hubby suggested getting another basket so these aren't so full and can lean back a bit more.  I think I'll try that.

So yeah, I'm glad to have actually gotten this done but I'm such a 'Change is bad!' person that it all has me a bit twitchy for now.  Tomorrow I'll hopefully be able to try working in there and see if the process is less frustrating.

I'm still very curious to know what sort of price you all would pay for handmade cards.  Please let me know!  It will help me greatly in trying to decide how to go about selling them.

The football season starts tonight!  Yaaaaay!  Well, it's just preseason but still, football is back!
We have the game on (Cardinals and Cowboys) and I was watching but then came in here to blog.  And now I'm going to post this and head up to bed.
Tomorrow is my last day off on this vacation I've had.  I'm already feeling the stress and anxiety about going back to work start to stir in me.  Ugh . . . 

Are you a football fan?


  1. Oooooo! The room looks nice!!! Would it help to get a floor lamp or something to give you more light on the other side of the room by your desk? I really like your craft room. And I spy the hoop I made you <3

    I do like football in the sense that I am used to Adam watching it in bed with me and hearing its familiar cadences that alert me to the fact it is fall. I like watching college football more, though I do keep up with the Browns and Vikings just for fun for you and Adam.

    1. I have thought of a lamp. I'll see how this goes first. And yep, that hoop is still on display. It hung on Ludwig's Wall for a bit, but Minion knocked it down and it's temporary home became that shelf.

      I'm not as into football as I used to be. Last year I started to phase out a bit and this first preseason game did not hold my interest at all. I hope it picks up again for me. We have no plans to go to a game this year because all our money is tied up in the barn and tractor.