Thursday, August 31, 2017

Aug. 31 - Craft Haul, Part 2

In my craft haul post the other day I mentioned I'd gone kinda hog wild on the Lawn Fawn new fall/winter release.  I'd ordered things from three different places and it turned out the bulk of what I ordered had needed signature confirmation for delivery and I wasn't home at the time.  Sooooo, I've finally gotten to the post office (yay for days off!) and now I can share the remainder of my crazy Lawn Fawn haul.

This is their new Knock on Wood 6x6 paper pad.  If you look closely at the pic you can see that there is a wood grain design on each of the papers.  The wood grain look is alright but I mainly got it for the fall colors.

Ah, pumpkin spice.  This is indeed their Pumpkin Spice set.  I saw some really cute examples from the design team using this set, and since it's one of the minis and those are affordable, I had to get it.

I got this Costume Party set just to add to my tiny little Halloween collection.

I had no interest in this Village Border die until I saw some really cool examples of it being cut from black for a spooky Halloween village, and then cut from white for an elegant Christmas village.  Yep, then I needed to have it.

These are the Fall and Winter Tiny Tags sets.  Again, saw some awesome examples of ways to use these and had to have them.

This Happy Happy Happy Add-On set will come in so handy.  I lack in sentiment variety, and this covers pretty much all of the big holidays.  The die coordinates with the stamps and cuts either the 'merry' or the 'happy.'

Winter Otter is another cute mini set.  I hadn't realized until watching someone else's haul video this morning that Lawn Fawn has come out with a winter animal mini set each year.  Now I'll need to go back and hunt them all down.  LOL  I think I have one or two already, like the unicorn and the fox.

I think everyone's first thought with this Mini Wreath die set is to make green and red Christmas wreaths.  Well when I saw an example where someone used browns and oranges and made a fall wreath . . . yep, sold!

I haven't really been into scene building on cards yet.  I keep thinking, 'Nah, that's not my thing.'  But how do I know that if I don't try it?  Maybe it totally IS my thing?!  Well, even if it's not, there are plenty of pieces in this Christmas Dreams set that can be used without building a whole scene.

Same with this Winter Village set.  I seem to really have a thing for villages this year.  I bought that snow globe village set earlier this year, and now I have two more in this haul.  I like the extra little stamps by the trees, which can be lights or garland on top of those trees.  This just might be the one I want to play with first for Christmas stuff.

And then there is this Gift Box die set.  Oh my gosh, the examples of things made with this had my jaw dropping.  This makes a little gift box that measures roughly about 3x5" and is almost an inch deep.  One of the suggested uses was to package sets of note cards in them to give as a gift.  Um, hello?!  Who has been wanting to really get into the making of note cards?  Me.  You could use the boxes for so many other things but it was the note card idea that sold me on this.  Below are some of the gorgeous examples of boxes the Lawn Fawn design team members have made.

Gah!  I can only hope to be that creative some day!

So that is the remainder of my Lawn Fawn fall/winter release haul.  Can you believe there are still more things I want?!  There is a set that makes the cutest little bookmarks, where the animal paws slip over the pages.  Want!  And I can't remember what else offhand but I'm definitely heading back to see what else I can grab.

What do you think?
What should I play with first?!


  1. That otter is so cute!! And I look forward to buying a set of note cards so you can make a pretty gift box for it!

    Oooh, why did you tell me about the bookmark set? That would be perfect for us book lovers!

    If you haven't already decided on what to play with first, I vote using the wreath to make a fall wreath. :)

    1. I did indeed order the bookmark set. Julie's wanting some too already.

      I will try a fall wreath. Good idea! I was practicing heat embossing and watercoloring today. Some look crappy but some look amazing. I'm also back to considering Copic markers. Ugh....


    2. Those Copic markers keep coming up... *dons enabler hat* I vote you bite the bullet and buy them! Especially if you're looking at expanding your Achy Joints Creations repertoire! :)

    3. They scare me though! They taunt me with their 'Ok, now you HAVE to commit to this hobby!' stare......

      I think I am going to dive in and start collecting them. I have to wait a bit though, get some of the barn project bills paid off. In the meantime I will keep my eyes open for sales, and they'll definitely be going on my Christmas list.