Thursday, August 31, 2017

Aug. 31 - Happy Planner?!

Yes, I am trying this dang planner thing again.
I blame my sister, and Walmart.
If you've followed me for a while you might remember I've tried to get into the whole planner thing a few times but always quit before I ever really get started.  I always say my life is not that exciting or that complicated that I need a planner.  I always shake my head at those people go all out and have stickers for every. stinking. thing. they do each day.  Seems to me people use planners more as a creative outlet than for any sort of practical use.

I've been 'planning' and 'memory keeping' on my freebie calendars for probably 30 years now.  At the end of each year I fill out my new calendar with all the birthdays and anniversaries in marker.  I have my odd work schedule marked with red ink.  I have little page flag reminders for upcoming things that I really don't want to miss.  And then most days I have a line or two scribbled about whatever was going on.  The calendars are thin and flat and take up very little room even though, like I said, I have probably 30 years worth.  It's been my way of doing things for so long that it's no wonder I can't get into the bigger, bulkier, spendy-er ways of planners.

So why the heck do I have one now?  Again?
Because it's still something niggling at the back of my brain quite often.  More recently, following various stamp companies, I see how I can even use my stamps in a planner and use my markers to color them.  Yes, it's more of a creative outlet, just like I said.  Doh!

And why do I blame my sister and Walmart?
Because she is always finding shopping deals online and sent me a link to a Happy Planner deal not long ago.  I was very tempted and almost got one then, but found enough strength to resist until that offer expired.  *phew*  But no.  When Walmart got their Back to School stuff out I was surprised to see Happy Planners.  Really??  I know Happy Planners are sort of the more affordable version of all the big name planners that wouldn't be caught dead in general retailers, but I was still surprised to see them in Walmart.  I had one in my hands and was oohing and aahing over it, then put it back and hurried away from that aisle.  *PHEW*  But too late, it was in my head now.  By the time I got back to Walmart the following week they were all gone.  That's what really made me start wanting one.  I don't want one when they're available but dangit when they're gone I neeeeeeed one!

I debated for probably another week, looking online and seeing just what options there where, and seeing which sites had the best prices.  I finally whined my stupid dilemma to hubby and was totally caught off guard when he said I should get one, and even mentioned some things I'd been thinking but hadn't spoken.  So I got back online and ordered a damn planner.

And I went big.  (Well, for me at least.)  My previous halfhearted attempts had been with super basic Dollar Tree or Target Dollar Spot planners.  This time I dove in the deep end with this Happy Planner Big style, in the Daydream design.  The cover is durable laminate that measures 9" x 11.25" and the pages measure 8.5"x11".
When you open the front cover you get this nice little 'belongs to' page.
Each month has a nice cover page with either a nice sentiment or just a fun design.  The month tab is laminated but the page itself is just heavy card stock.  I'm not wowed by all of them in this 18 month planner so yeah, already I'm thinking 'Oh I can make my own!'  lol Here we go.
 There is a monthly layout with the whole month easily available at a glance.  The boxes are a decent size so there is plenty of room to write things (or stamp, or sticker).  The pages are fairly heavy quality, heavier than regular copy paper but not quite card stock.

You also have the weekly layout right after the monthly layout pages.  These boxes are even bigger, and designed to work with Polaroid Snap cameras for quickie memory keeping.  (I have not checked into these types of cameras to see if others like the Instax has the same size photos.)  I don't have any of those types of cameras but I did see there is a paper punch available on the website that cuts this same box size.  I'm thinking that might be handy and I could cut squares of my patterned papers or cut down pics I take on my other cameras.

At the end of each month you have this page, which is really what sold me on this one.  I love that section where you can fill in what you're currently liking.  It reminds me very much of Julie's Ebb & Flow posts at the end of each month.  You can also write your priorities for the upcoming month, and any top priority dates to have all available at a glance.

This planner is $34.99 on the Me and My Big Ideas website but I got mine for $28.77 on Amazon.  There are always deals online though, like 50% at Michael's and whatnot.  I did not get any accessories . . . yet.  There was a package of pages that breaks your days down by the hour that I thought might be handy to try and get my overwhelmed-so-I-do-nothing tendencies under control.  There are also packs of stickers that are cute, like seasonal things, but I already have a ton of stickers here and I always like to buy seasonal ones as they come out in stores so I held off on buying those too.

Now that I actually have this in my hands I'm intimidated by it.  It's so pretty!  I'm afraid to use it!  Everyone is telling me to just dive in, just haul out the stickers and washi tapes and go to town.  Yes, that's what I'll do.  Hopefully.

Are you familiar with MAMBI Happy Planners?  Any other accessories I might need to know about?  Any tips for getting started??


  1. What is this MAMBI planner you speak of? I have never even SEEN such a thing... LOL
    Michael and I have our own MAMBI planners, and we each use ours in a different way. I've posted a few weekly spreads to show how much mine is a combination between actual planning, memory tracking, and a creative outlet. Michael uses his to write down reminders for things he needs to do as well as track his workouts.

    Use your planner!! Otherwise you'll one day realize you only have 3 months left in it and you barely used it, and all the regrets will really set in. I skipped out on a few months this year and for whatever reason those few months are itching at my brain. Perhaps it's because I can't look back and see big events that happened on those days.

    You mention wanting to change out some of those monthly tabs. I'd recommend a puncher that fits the discs, like the Happy Planner Classic Punch. That way you'll also be able to add in any extra pages you like and they will match the hole-puncheyness of the other pages.

    Tips for getting started: JUST START. As you get in your rhythm with this new planner, you'll realize what stickers/stamps/tapes/pens would go well with it and be able to buy stuff you're fairly certain you'll use as opposed to stocking up on things that look cool but ultimately are never used.

    Another thing I've found that helps is stocking up on sticky notes. I HATE having to cross out things if they don't happen, but a lot of my plans are a 'maybe' or 'may be changed' from the get-go, so having a sticky note that I can move around until the event actually happens helps keep my planner and mind decluttered. It also helps for planning out the layout of your week if you're having trouble deciding on where you want everything to go. The possibilities are ENDLESS!!

    If you end up filling your planner with so much extra stuff it might burst, there are larger discs you can buy to add more space.

    Hmm... I think I've yapped long enough about planners. Can you tell I like them? LOL

    1. No, you haven't yapped long enough. The punchie thinger was something I realized after I'd decided 'Oh I can change these!' I'll hold off until I see if I ever get to that point. Just like with the square punch.

      I really hope I can get into this, even though I have no social life or events that need sticky notes. *sigh* And your talk about planning layouts has me all 'That sounds dreeeeamy, but yeah, I can't even get my name written on the first page. LOL

      Which planners do you each have? I'm all curious now!


  2. I'm on my third Happy Planner! The last two, I gave up after a couple months and switched to a different planning method. But I can't resist the siren call of the beautiful Happy Planners! So I'm starting again! I told my sister that I owe her a hundred dollars if I buy another planner before this one is finished, haha. My advice? Take it one week at a time. Don't feel pressured to fill out all the things at once. Try new things, but don't let planner overwhelm stop you from planning. :)

    1. I still haven't started. Well, I wrote my name in it after several days, and then after many more days I put some football washi on Vikings game days in September. That's about it. LOL

      I keep looking at all the beautiful layout sets on Etsy. Sometimes I think 'Why not?! Make it beautiful!' and other times I'm like 'Why cover up everything you paid money for? Could have started with blank pages and saved yourself some money!'

      How are you doing on yours this time?