Friday, September 15, 2017

Melted - Scentsationals / Honey Crisp Cider

Honey Crisp Cider - 'Warm notes of ground cinnamon, peppered clove, and roasted nutmeg swirl with the attractive essence of sweet cider apples and brown sugared vanilla bean.'

This is not the typical cider scent that I'm used to.  This one is a bit brighter, sort of a 'pretty' cider scent.  It's sweet, softly spiced, and almost seems a bit creamy.  I would have guessed there was a touch of pear or something in here but I don't see that in the description.  This is still recognizable as a cider scent, but it does not have that depth and darkness of the usual spicy, almost fermented apple cider types.  Still a very nice fall scent though.

I melted two cubes (about 0.8 oz. worth) in my tea light warmer and had strong scent.


  1. I'm really enjoying this one! Walmart had some great unique cider blends this year. Did you pick up the Apricot Cider as well?

    BBW has Salted Caramel Apricot body care that I need to go sniff. I think apricot is really having a moment this season.

    1. I did see the Apricot Cider one and gave it a sniff but I think it was too peach-like or something, and I did not get it. Salted Caramel Apricot sounds absolutely disgusting to me. LOL!