Saturday, September 2, 2017

Sep. 2 - Watercoloring

I woke up with some sort of digestive riot happening.  Ugh, Pepto for breakfast is not a good way to start the day.  I was feeling worse as the morning went on, and almost went back to bed.  I sipped some 7Up and nibbled some food and eventually started to feel better.  *phew*

Once I was feeling a bit better I went out to the barn and chitchatted with hubby about progress and plans.  I helped with one simple task too.  Apparently putting those little outlet covers (you know, like for baby-proofing) in keeps dust from the woodworking from settling in the outlets.  Huh.  Who knew??  So I had that very important job of baby-proofing the workshop.

After spending Thursday and Friday repackaging stamps, dies, papers, and getting the craft room cleaned up and organized again, I was finally able to get in there and do something crafty today.  I decided a few days ago that maybe I need to take a bit of time practicing different techniques before I worry so much about getting tons of cards made.  So today was all about practicing.  I decided I wanted to work on heat embossing and watercoloring.
I'm still messy on the heat embossing but some of the painting came out looking pretty darn amazing, if  I do say so myself!  Most of these images are good enough to find their way onto cards.  It also makes me want to watercolor everything from now on.  LOL

Not much else happened today.  Hubby's friend didn't come to work on the barn because he has his daughters this weekend.  He and his family did stop by on their way home from shopping though, to drop off some things for the barn that they'd picked up.  His girlfriend was asking me about selling cards on Facebook, and mentioned in passing that she'd been at Hobby Lobby and JoAnn's today.  Now I'm all like 'Hmm, what kinds of crafty things does she make?'  I think she dabbles in card making.  I know her mom used to own a little craft store in my tiny hometown some years ago, and I think it's her aunt that owns one in the tiny town I live closer to now.  Hmmm!  Perhaps another outlet for selling cards?  Ha, why don't I worry about making them before I try selling them . . . 

We're two days into September and I haven't even written my name in my dang planner yet.  I think I need to keep it in the craft room, it's own shelf at my craft table, so it's near my markers and stickers and stuff.  Maybe I should quit talking about it, get this posted, and just go do that.

Fine.  Yes.  I'm posting this and going to find a place for my planner to gather dust.

What are you up to this fine early fall weekend?


  1. Write your name in the planner STAT!!!! Then you HAVE to use it and can't take it back. LOL! Looking forward to seeing your fall and Halloween cards. I can't wait to buy more.

    1. Ok, brace yourself. I did write my name in it. AND I put some football washi and little Vikings stickers on game days.

      Then I panicked because "What have I done?!" and went to bed.