Saturday, September 23, 2017

Sep. 23 - Did I Miss Winter?

Well, the calendar says it's late September, we're officially into fall now, leaves are definitely changing and falling already, and here in Wisconsin it is currently 88 degrees.  Whaaaat?  The Fall Slut soooo does not approve.  We don't have AC in the house but I've managed to keep the house fairly comfortable because we left the windows open last night and closed them this morning, thus capturing the cooler air inside.  Well that and the fact that I'm not doing much of anything today so it still feels comfortable to me.  Not sure how hubby's feeling out there in the barn though . . . 

This week's pic from that same area I showed last week.  There is a better angle once I turn onto the highway from this side road, it shows more of the colors and not so much of the trees that already getting bare.  I'll try to remember to get it from that other spot next time.

While we're talking about fall colors and 88 degree weather, it makes perfect sense that this should also be happening.  Yes, this is what I found at my Walmart this morning, back in their seasonal room.  I knew it was coming but it still seems like such a shock when it starts in *September.*  The Kmart I go to (in a different town) didn't even really have a Halloween section this year!  They have some candy and small decorations going down the center of the main aisle, and then just one aisle of costumes and verrrrrry limited Halloween stuff in the farthest back corner of their seasonal section.  They've already got their Christmas stuff out in full force.  So weird.

Pumpkin Butter Cookies - 'A delectable harvest pumpkin medley interwoven with spicy nutmeg, powdered cinnamon and pure vanilla cream cookie dough sweetened with a sprinkle of rich brown sugar.'
I browsed the wax aisle like I always do, and bought just this one.  I'm pretty sure I sniffed it back when they first put out all the fall scents and didn't find it special enough to buy.  Today though, it really grabbed my attention and had to come home with me.  It's quite spicy, and the pumpkin has that sort of tang to it.  There is a nice bakery note behind it all.  This should be great once we get back to normal cooler fall weather.

I got two cards made today.  I finally got to use my Newton's Nook images!  The background is just me playing with Distress Inks, practicing using them and blending them.  The kitty and pumpkin image is watercolored.  I added a few black gemstones just for something extra.  This is available to buy over in the Facebook group.

This one was also me playing with Distress Inks.  And then I remembered that village border die and was like 'Duh!  Why haven't you used it yet?!'  I had no idea what to put in the upper part and just happened to have that ghost laying nearby.  I think it works!  Added some orange gemstones at the bottom, and some clear ones at the top.  This one is also available to buy over in the Facebook group.

I know I said I'd do a barn project update next but, bleah, I just didn't feel like it today.  I'll try to get it ready for a post tomorrow.  For now though, I'm going to try and get more cards done since it's still pretty early in the day.

How is life in your corner of the world?  Have you lost track of what time of year it is like I have?  LOL

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