Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Sep. 5 - Back to Work

I mentioned somewhere recently that our cooler fall-like temps were going to leave and we'd be climbing back up into the 80s this week.  I don't know where the heck I got that idea from because we're actually getting cooler, not warmer.  I don't know if we even hit 60 today.  Ah, so nice for fall!

Well it was back to work for me today.  It's not a usual week though since the plant is down for some repairs and things.  They're taking this downtime opportunity to do some operator training and other things.  So today I had to go sit through a class about machines I don't even run.  Oh well, it was easy and was pretty much free money.  And we got out at 12:30pm!  Casey was in the class too, so when we were done he ended up coming over here to hang out for a bit and then we ended up making a quick trip to Walmart after hubby texted me to go pick something up for him.  When we got back here Casey hung out a bit longer then went to meet up with one of his friends so they could go pick up some hot new release video game this evening.

While at Walmart I got some fresh ink for my old printer.  (I mentioned last night that I'd ended up switching printers, right?)  Tested with the new ink cartridges in and all seemed fine so I went back to work trying to figure out why labels won't align properly.  I eventually got it to work after closing Firefox and trying in Chrome.  Doh!  I printed a few sheets to be sure it wasn't a fluke, and they all came out fine.  Tomorrow I'm going to switch back to the new printer and try using Chrome for it again.

Hubby said his friend was not crabby today at work and never mentioned anything about the conversation yesterday.  *shrug*

I'm off to read now.  Hopefully I get out of work early tomorrow too!

How was your day?


  1. Glad you got the printer thing worked out. I seriously hate having to figure out technological things. I end up fumbling around until I happen to click just the right thing then it magically works.

    I will have to go back and read previous posts to find out about this crabby convo thing...

    My day was ok. Back to work. I am dog tired. My cramps are here and a hurricane is knocking on the door. But I got my friendship box and cute cards and I have some other goodies coming in the mail to look forward to, like my very first travel journal.

    1. That hurricane is no joke... stay safe, Julie!

    2. I've had that fumbling around till it magically works thing happen, and then I'm frustrated because I don't know what actually got it to work so I don't have that knowledge for next time. LOL This time I wrote myself a note and taped it to my package of label sheets, so when I go to print more I'll remember.

      Will you post about your travel journal? I just watched a video the other night, a YouTuber I used to watch all the time was showing how she fixed up her travel journal. And then I saw something with a Happy Planner mini and was like 'Oooooh, I want that!' GAH!!!!! lol

      Hopefully Irma turns out to be a big wussy girl. I heard on the radio about people climbing up trees to chop the coconuts down so they don't become projectiles in the storm.