Saturday, September 9, 2017

Sep. 9 - Happy Mail From Julie

I don't even know how long fellow blogger Julie and I have been friends now.  Her blog is three years old, so it's been longer than that.  In a way it seems like we've been friends forever, but in other ways it's like 'How can it possibly be that long already?!'  One of the things we've been doing each year is the Fall Friendship Box.  We both love fall, and it's just become a fun little tradition to find things to share with each other at this most wonderful time of the year.

And this girl spoiled me once again.

Ghostly Brew (Southbound Soap Co.) - 'Cider Donuts and Vanilla Bean Noel.'
We always send wax to each other.  It's just what we do!  I'm not familiar with Southbound but this sure does smell yummy, like the VBN we all know but with a little cinnamon kick.

Americana (Southbound Soap Co.) - 'Apple, spice, cream, and vanilla.'
Although there is apple and spice in this, it's a little too bright and soapy to be a fall scent for me.  Still a nice scent though, so I'll tuck it away for when I just want an everyday scent.

White Pumpkin Puree (CFTKR) - 'A creamy, spicy blend of sweet pumpkin and vanilla.'
This one is interesting.  It's definitely pumpkin, that sort of tangy, fresh from the can type pumpkin, but then with a spice note that sneaks up and whacks you right at the end.  It's not like pumpkin spice, or pumpkin pie.  It's a much more raw scent.
Ultimate Sugar Cookie (CFTKR) - 'Sweet sugar cookie, with a hint of vanilla.'
 Plain ol' sugar cookie scents used to bore me, until I came across a select few that just knocked my socks off.  And this is one of them.  It reminds me so much of sugar cookies at Christmas, fresh out of the oven, still warm and not yet frosted or decorated.  It's just such a deep, rich buttery bakery scent, cozy in it's simplicity.

On The Boardwalk (Dessa's Homespun Scents) - 'A delightful gentle blend of cotton candy confection, sweet and tart lemonade, and a refreshing background of salty sea air.'
I love this ice cream scoop shape.  The color made me suspect it was lemon even before I sniffed it, and yep, a very nice lemonade scent mixed with some subtle ozone notes.  This is a unique lemon scent for this lemon lover to try.
Old Time Candy Shop (Dessa's Homespun Scents) - 'A nostalgic blend of jelly beans, chocolate buttons, peppermint sticks, bubble gum and old fashioned lollipops.'
I'm sorry, I just have to say it.  I love Dessa's, but I think these lollipop tarts are ugly.  LOL  I'm sorry!
I get a lot of chocolate in this scent, so I might have to pass on this one.
Honey Gingerbread (Ten Digit Creations) - [no scent description]
I've had this scent before from someone.  Maybe Dessa's?  And I loved it.  It sweetens the traditional dark and spicy gingerbread up just enough to make it amazing.  This will get tucked away into my Christmas stash.

Honey Pear Cider (Candy Panda) - 'Juicy pear, sweet honey and homemade cider.'
A very nice sweet pear scent with just the tiniest touch of warmth.
Unicorn Poop (Gio & Turner) - 'Fruit Loops cereal with a hint of buttercream frosting.'
 I've never even heard of Gio & Turner before this but I'm glad to see now that they've changed the name of this to Unicorn Truffles.  I just don't get into the potty humor of poop or fart scents.  Anyway, this is a very nice, sweet Fruit Loops scent.

Winter Porridge & Apple Studel (MoonaLisa) - 'Hot buttery oats, with a slightly spiced baked apple strudel with a heart of warming goodness.'
I don't think I've ever had MoonaLisa wax.  Hmm.  This is a very buttery scent, but nothing like the buttery goodness of sugar cookie scents.  You really do get the sort of blah mush of the oatmeal, and while it is blah it's also sort of comforting.  I think I detect a tiny hint of strudel and an even tinier hint of the apple.
Julie doesn't just send wax though.  She always includes some mysterious international candies.
She included some small shells and coral pieces, fresh from the gulf coast.
She even included toys for Minion and Fattycat!  There were two other mice like this one but Minion claimed them and was batting them around the house all night like a crazy cat.

There was also this awesome Halloween decoration that I just love and can't wait to hang up next month.

And then was this.  This!  Oh yes, this is a book about Empress Elisabeth of Austria.  Although famous in history in her own right, she is also commonly linked with King Ludwig II's story.  They were cousins and it was Elisabeth  (aka Sisi) that was his lifelong friend and confidant, and probably the woman he loved most in his life.  She has quite a tragic story herself, so I'm very happy to be able to read this and learn more about her.

Thank you, Julie!!!!
Here's to another wonderful fall season, and another year of friendship.


  1. Ooh, fabulous scents and goodies! Julie is one of my favorite people; so thoughtful and kind. I am so grateful to have met her, you and several other lovely ladies through blogging.❤️

    1. I've met people and had opportunities through this little blogging hobby that I never would have experienced otherwise. I guess that's why it's not so easy to give it up. :)


  2. And cheers to many more years of friendship to come. You mean a lot to me and I always look forward to chatting with you whether we are venting about work, wax or blogging or raving over a book, a pumpkin spice find or a crafty item. <3 Not letting you get rid of me.

    1. Walmart is finally getting their Halloween stuff out, and more fall stuff out. I also stopped at Target this morning. Let me just tell you I was kicking myself for sending this year's box too soon. There were so many things that I was like 'Ooh, should got that for the box!'