Thursday, October 12, 2017

Oct. 11

Crap!  Forgot to post last night!  It was a work day though, so I know I'm forgiven.  Found out a 2nd shift guy was recently fired for stealing things from peoples' bags and purses.  I wouldn't have guessed something like that from this particular guy!  Also on 2nd shift, a drama queen girl flipped out and attacked a guy out on the production floor.  She ended up quitting but I think it was an option of 'quit or be fired.'  I don't know why she attacked him.  He wasn't hurt.

I have to go in Thursday morning for a little meeting with the production manager about this upcoming project, which will indeed take place next week.  I'll work my regular 12 hr. shifts this Saturday and Sunday, and then Monday-Friday will be 8 hr. shifts doing the downtime study.  I'm imagining easy days, which is the only reason I agreed to work 7 days in a row.  lol

Today's throwback Halloween pic is from 1994, continuing Casey's first Halloween.  He was a little biker, complete with skullcap, chaps, and vest.  People thought he was a messy pirate though.  *sigh*  Ty was, yes, a Power Ranger.  LOL  That kid and his Power Rangers.  Ty was 3 1/2 years old, and Casey was 8 months.

How is your October going?
Are you avoiding the Christmas decorations that are already out?

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