Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Oct. 17

I've lost one blog follower.  It always makes me wonder who it was and why they left.  I tend to take it way more personally than I probably should too.  Sorry I've bored you into leaving, whoever you were!

I'm starting to doubt those earlier exciting hints and thoughts about a possible new job at work.  Today was the second day of this project I'm doing and not only is it way more boring and annoying than I'd thought, but the boss I'm doing it for has never checked in with me to see how it's going or what sort of info I've gathered.  I'm trying to be like 'Maybe she's just busy,' and 'It's only the second day,' but still.

I'm still trying to decide if I want to dive back into an Etsy shop for my cards or if I should give the Facebook group/page more of a chance.  I don't know how to get it going though?!  I don't know how to draw people in, or spread the word.  I do not want them linked to this blog so how do I spread the word?  I'm just not social media savvy.

We haven't watched any spooky movies in many days now.  Wow, just realized I haven't even taken my Halloween decor pics yet!

Tonight's throwback Halloween pic is from 1999.  Ty is some sort of ninja again, and Casey is a devil again but this time his costume was handmade for him by my mother-in-law.  I wonder whatever happened to that one?  I wonder if I have it tucked away with things I saved from their childhood years?  Hmmm.

Alright, as usual, I'm outta here to read now.

Do you get trick or treaters where you live?


  1. I hope the work project picks up soon. Being bored at work is awful--they get so bent out of shape when you pick up a book LOL!

    Trick or treating is so unpredictable because I live in an apartment complex, so it can vary from none to 15 or so. I've opted out the past couple years because it really upset my cat Linus to have people banging on the door. Haven't decided what to do this year yet.

    1. We don't get trick or treaters since we live out in the country. I was worried about Casey's kitty, how he'd do with his first Halloween of people banging on the door, and then I remembered Casey lives in a locked building. They won't get any trick or treaters inside. lol

      The project was boring all week. Ugh! At least it's done now!