Thursday, October 19, 2017

Oct. 19

Only one. more. day. of this boring project at work.  It's been easy work but oh my gosh, sooo boring!  I'm very much looking forward to having next week off.

As I was driving home today I realized the area that I live is actually exploding in fall color right now.  I thought we were past it, that it had been a very bland year.  But nope, the trees that haven't already dropped their leaves in our up and down weather are just now showing their beautiful colors.  The cornfields are wonderful fall tan colored.  One place on my route home has two trees with bright red leaves in the yard and pumpkins growing seemingly wild along a hill on the edge of their property.  It's all so gorgeous!!!!

Hubby and I had some discussion about the whole Achy Joints thing this evening.  Work is definitely slowing down out there in/on the shop.  I asked if they're already losing interest, and he assured me that no, they're not.  There are still so many things to work out and decide, and it's overwhelming for both of us at the moment.  But, even so, I'm 99% sure now that I'm going to open an Etsy shop for my cards.  I need to figure out a better photo setup first before I dive back into shop ownership.

My Halloween II dvd arrived today but we didn't watch it.  We were busy discussing things and now the football game is on.

Tonight's pic is from 2007, when we had some fun decorating.  There are four wooden, painted yard signs in this display.  Hubby cut the shapes and I painted them.  This is one of the things we want to be making again when Achy Joints gets going.  The two white tombstones were nods to our main characters in UO at that time.  Hubby's was Hagar, who was a bard, and mine was (and still is) ChiChi, a mage.  I so soooo miss those days of us playing endless hours of UO.  Getting way off track now though . . . 

Okies, off to read my new book!  I finished the second book of Hex Hall last night and started the third one today at work.  Look for a book review soon!

Do you decorate outside for Halloween?


  1. Love the decorations! That's a cute idea to use your UO character names. I don't have much of an outside to decorate, but I do put up a wreath on the door (it's got skulls on it and my neighbor said it's "macabre" lol) and usually put a pumpkin on the edge of the patio wall. On my patio I have an LED skull candle and a spooky bat lantern.

    Glad the boring project will be done soon! Hopefully it'll be worth it in the end.

    1. One thing I have always missed about living in town is that people actually see your decorations. Out here in the boonies we can have fabulous decorations but who is going to see them? The handful of cars that speed down our road?

      Project is done! Thankfully! Boring to the max, I tell ya!