Friday, October 20, 2017

Oct. 20

The very boring project is over!  I'm disappointed though, because the production manager who seemed so concerned about getting this done *never* checked in with me all week.  Even today, the last day of it, I walked right past her at 3pm and she never said a word to me.  It all just kinda brings those doubtful thoughts more to the forefront of my brain, like 'What was this really all about?'  But oh well, I did exactly what she'd asked, and I even made it through seven straight days of work.  And THAT is something I have not done in a loooooooong time.

Now I'm off for a whole week!
I'm super excited to work on some crafty stuff, both making things and getting the Etsy shop going.  I've been thinking about things like that pretty much all day today.  I even got in the craft room this evening and got one card made.  I also ordered from Newton's Nook today because it was their winter release day and some of the things were too cool to pass up.  I also got a few older things and a fall thing or two.  Newton's Nook is the stamp company that features the cat that I like to use.  Since I found out they are a Wisconsin company I like them even more.  I've never ordered directly from their site before.  Hopefully shipping is quick.  A haul post will be coming soon!

I heard a thing on the radio this morning about the healthiest Halloween candy choices, as well as the most unhealthy.  Candy corn is the worst.  What surprised me is that Smarties is on the healthy list?!  Aren't those little sugar bombs too???  I love Smarties.  I was addicted to them this summer but it tapered off.  I'll have to get some more now that I know how healthy they are.  lol

As I was looking through the Halloween pics I've been posting, I came to the realization that I think the ones posted as 1998 and 1999 are actually the same year.  I think I took two pics of them because Casey had his regular costume, but also had the handmade devil one from his grandma.  Not such a big deal here on the blog but in my actual photo albums it's going to bother me to no end now.

Tonight's throwback pic is from 2008 and features the first time we ever used those little pumpkin carving kits.  You know, the ones with those little flimsy looking knives that you'd think could never do anything?  We were absolutely amazed by how well they work, and how much detail you can do!  I hope we're in the mood to carve some this year.  We always have good intentions at the start of October but by the time Halloween rolls around, lately we've been like 'Bleah, forget it.'

Well, it's too early for bed and if I go read I'll fall asleep, so I need to find something else to do for a while.  Perhaps some Wizard101 . . . 

Do you like Smarties?

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