Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Oct. 31 - Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, spooky friends!  Did you go trick or treating?  Did you have trick or treaters come to you?  I did neither, and I feel bad for the little munchkins who venture out around here tonight.  It's dang cold!  And windy!

I thought I was done with Halloween vibes but it was actually quite fun to here all the random spooky related songs on the radio throughout the day, and see the pics and greetings everywhere online.  Heck even one of the soap operas my mom had on while I was there was doing a trippy ghost episode.  So I guess I still had some festive fun in me.  We didn't carve pumpkins or anything like that this year but that's okay.  I'm a little bummed we didn't get the outside decorations done though.

I'd mentioned my Halloween decor pics a couple times during this Blogtober, and when I realized I wouldn't have enough throwback pics for the whole month I decided to save my decor pics for this final post.  Yay!

As usual, the main display is on the buffet. The wreath and the runner are not new but everything else, the whole spooky apothecary scheme is indeed new.  One or two pieces were bought this year but the majority of it all was bought at clearance price last year from places like Target and Kmart.

Closeup on some of the potions bottles and books.

Closeup on some of the others.

In the living room we have these light-up pieces.  The two tall totem poles are quite old.  The metal solar pumpkin is from a year or two ago.  The handmade Halloween coasters are a few years old.

The coffee table has Pumpkin Waffles candle from 719 Walnut Avenue, with the little black cat clinger from Yankee.  We have fake tea lights in the four votive holders.

The old bookcase dvd shelf holds these old McDonalds Happy Meal pails.  These are from the early or mid '90s.  We got them when Ty was little.

Some years I totally decorate this corner shelf in the living room.  Some years I don't bother.  This year I was in the mood for decorating.

Closeup of top shelf.  I painted this haunted house MANY years ago, like over 20 years ago.  It was a kit.  The house and figurines were already made, and you just needed to paint them.  It provided paints and instructions for how to do different techniques, and I think it turned out pretty darn nice.  We'd also bought an add-on pack of figurines to go with it.  The spooky bare tree in back was bought last year from Target's Dollar Spot.

Closeup of second shelf.  All of these things are old.  The skull and pumpkin floral things were made by my mother-in-law many many years ago.  The Frankenstein and owl/pumpkin figures on the right are *really* old and were actually air fresheners back in the day.

Closeup of third shelf.  All old things again, except for the black cat on the left.  That was a Dollar Tree purchase a year or two ago.

Closeup of bottom shelf.  The ghost might have been from last year, from Dollar Tree.  The plastic trick or treat pumpkins are ancient.  The smaller one is the same one that appeared in both Ty's and Casey's 1 Halloween pics, and it was already ancient then because it used to be my sister's when she was a little kid.

This spooky swing set scene is many years old and sits on a cabinet in the dining room.

In the kitchen is this spooky Welcome sign on my little shelf.  You see this as you first walk into the house.

Below that shelf, on the kitchen counter is this small plastic pumpkin serving as a pencil cup, and my wooden BOO that I got a few years ago from Target's Dollar Spot.

On top of the fridge are these frightful figures.  They both used to light up.  I don't think they do anymore.

On the kitchen wall by the stove is my one lonely Halloween pot holder and this cool canvas Halloween scene that lights up.  It serves nicely as a little kitchen nightlight.  lol

The kitchen table is very simple this year with just this one little pumpkin.  This one does still light up.

By the door between the kitchen and the back room (or mud room, or entrance room, or whatever you want to call it) is this pumpkin sign.  I think it was from Walmart a couple years ago.

This is new.  We got this at Menards a few weeks ago.  It hangs beneath our porch light next to the back (main) door.

And finally, the few decorations I did manage to put out this year.  The mini flag on the right is old but the one (barely visible) on the left is new this year.  The three floral things on the left side of the steps are old.  I made those many years ago by just putting some fake fall florals into plastic trick or treat pails.  There are two large totem type pieces on each side of the door that we got several years ago at Menards.  And there is a wreath with a ghost to the right of the door that I got, probably from Walmart, a few years ago.  (Ignore the green moss or algae tinge all over the side of the house.  We've never had that before but the past year or two it seems everything in this area has it on the north facing side.)

That is my Halloween decor!  And that brings this Blogtober 2017 to a close!  Did you enjoy it?  Did you follow along each day?  Did you enjoy the throwback pics each day?  I really wanted to have something Halloween related in each post even if my actual nattering wasn't.

Tomorrow is November and I'm hoping to do the Daily Gratitude posts like I did this year.  I hope you'll join me!

But for now it's still October 31 so . . .