Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Nov. 6

Hmm, another day after post because, hmm, I just didn't feel like posting last night, again.  What's up with that?  Am I losing my bloggy interest?

I went to my mom's, got her laundry and shopping done.  We had to stop at Menards for something and ended up chitchatting with one of my brothers who works there.  Then when we got back to her place another of my brothers called to chitchat.  There is mild drama all over in my family these days.  Ah, the holidays.  lol

I ordered more Christmas paper to keep working on projects for the Etsy shop.  Also had to order more of the Scor Tape that I use to put the boxes together.  While I was placing orders I browsed the other little box options but didn't like any of them enough to order the dies.  I'll just keep plugging away with the scalloped treat boxes and little gift card envelopes that I have.  I can't wait to get some listed in the shop!

The Packers lost last night.  That was awesome!  Actually, I had mixed feelings during the game.  I wanted the Lions to win just so the Packers would lose because, well, a Packer loss is hysterical in this house.  But I also wanted the replacement quarterback to do great, and wanted the team to do well to show that friggen Rodgers isn't the only thing that makes up that team.  Vikings are in first place in our division.  Woot!!!
I never did show my latest little craft haul, did I?

I already put the other paper packs away before getting pics but this was a separate order so I can at least show this one.  This is a fall/Thanksgiving themed set of 12x12 papers that I got specifically for the little treat boxes.  Since I've decided to stop Thanksgiving production and jump into Christmas things, this pack has been put away for next year.

I got another jar of clear heat embossing powder.  Nothing exciting there.  I've found I don't have much luck when using the colored powders.  Maybe I need to find a different brand of the colored ones.  But I've been doing a lot of clear embossing over black ink so I wanted to have more of this on hand.

This is the super cute set of angels I got with my little envelopes and treat boxes in mind.  I have some cute card ideas in mind too but I'm all about the boxes and envelopes right now.

And this is the cute little deer set I got with the same thing in mind, boxes and envelopes.  I've already stamped and colored a sheet of these.  They turned out SO cute!

Okay, this was not from the same order but I wanted to include it anyway because I want to rant about it.  I'd been eyeing this on Amazon for a while and finally just went ahead and ordered it a couple months ago.  Well wouldn't you know, it shipped from China and took for.ev.er with no communication, and no updates.  This is the second time I've had problems with Amazon orders shipping from China, and I will never do it again if I can avoid it.  But anyway, the eventually arrived and I thought 'Okay, well at least I finally have them.'  Cute, right??  Millions of adorable baby cards or baby shower items can be made with these, right?

HA!  First of all, the are not steel dies like most are.  These are super thin and flimsy and feel like aluminum.  There is no company name anywhere on the packaging.  In fact, the packaging was just the dies loosely tossed into a little cello bag.  And then those word dies . . . 

The feet managed to cut out okay, but the word dies would NOT cut.  I tried multiple times, adding shims and trying different positions on my cutting plates.  I eventually gave up and just colored in what the cut-out would look like and, what?  What the heck does that say???  It took me a while to figure out it's supposed to be 'Baby Shower It's A Girl.'  Really???  What a freakin' joke.  So yeah, the word dies will go in the trash, and I'll get what I can out of the feet dies until they bend because they're flimsy.  Ugh.

But anyway, pushing those crabby thoughts aside and diving back into Christmas creations as soon as this gets posted!

Today I am thankful for:
Any team that beats the Packers!

What are you thankful for today?


  1. At first I saw "it so girl" lol! At least the feet are cute. Hopefully you can get enough things out of them to recoup the price.

    Today I am thankful that my boss' daughter came in to help in the office today so it's not so freaking quiet :D

    1. Yes! I thought "it so girl" too! What a cheap and crappy ripoff.

      A chatter buddy! Well, for the day at least. hehe