Thursday, November 9, 2017

Nov. 8

There was some subtle weirdness at work, like an underlying vibe of something going on but I haven't figured out just what.  I heard there was a lot of drama yesterday, and not only had I called in but my supervisor hadn't worked either.  Apparently he got fed up enough the day before and decided to take a day off instead of the walking out that he wanted to do.  It's all so weird because it's felt a little bit like things were starting to change for the better lately.  Ah well, who knows with that place.

I was anxious to just get through work and get to my days off so I could get back to working on Christmas things.  Even if my paper order doesn't come, I can do other things like color the little images for the labels, get photos taken and some things listed in the shop, etc.

I've even been sleeping better the past couple nights!

Today I'm thankful for:
The check that came today from the farmer who rents our little bit of land.  It's just a small amount, but it definitely comes in handy at the moment.

What are you thankful for today?

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