Friday, November 10, 2017

Nov. 9

Hmm, I seem to be falling into a habit of posting morning after recaps.  Last night I just did not feel like posting again.  It wasn't because I was crabby or anything.  In fact, I was in a great mood and very relaxed, which was why I just didn't want to bother.  I'm having a bit of a 'Why?' itch creeping back into my brain.  I'm not really posting anything worth noting anymore.  I'm not really sharing much.  My attention is fully on the crafting right now and I know that's lost me a lot of readers so yeah, it's kinda like . . . 'Why bother?'

Anyway, yesterday, the 9th, I worked pretty much full-time on Christmas craft stuff for the Etsy shop.  I've joked to people recently that my days off will now be working at my other job, and I was glad I actually stuck to it all day.  I finished 18 Christmas treat boxes and got them listed in the shop, then started making more gift card envelopes in the evening while hubby and I watched football.

I've finally started plowing my way through Big Bang Theory episodes.  I'd started from the beginning a few years ago, determined to watch all the way through and then start watching the current episodes weekly, but got sidetracked somewhere along the way.  I borrowed the DVDs from Ty again earlier this year (I think?) and am just now finally working on this monstrous marathon.  I'm about halfway through the third season.  Yeah, I have a long way to go.  LOL

Today I am thankful for:
Sheldon.  My gosh, I just love that guy.  He's so awkward but there is something so heartwarming in his honest view of things, in those times where his bumbling caring does show through.

What are you thankful for today?


  1. Great that you're getting so much done for the shop! Gotta take advantage of inspiration while you can :)

    Today I am thankful that my new upstairs neighbor, Stompy McStomperson, has been a little quieter the past couple nights and not waking me up with his crashing around.

    1. Hellooo! A way overdue reply here! I wasn't sure I was going to come back to blogging for a while, but old habits die hard and the urge is tickling at the back of my brain again sooooo...I might be back.

      How is Stompy all these days later?