Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Dec. 12 - Collective Craft Haul

I'd mentioned in a recent post that I'd show some of the craft things I've accumulated in the past month or so.  I'll also show a few of the Christmas things I'd worked on, and then do some nattering about the current crafty situation at the end of this post.

I don't remember if this was a Black Friday special or what but when you throw 'exclusive' or 'limited edition' onto a Lawn Fawn product the collector in me just needs to own it.  This was a collaboration set with Simon Says Stamp.  It actually features select images and sentiments from several Lawn Fawn sets combined into this one set.  So even though I already have the otters, birds, and mouse in their original sets, like I said, add 'limited edition' and I need it.

This was a Black Friday deal.  Spend a certain amount at the Lawn Fawn site and get the chameleon stamp set 'free.'  Spend a certain amount more and get the coordinating die set 'free' too.  Yep, it sucked me in.

I'd ordered these sets of alphabet stamps in four different fonts that day to get that dang chameleon set.  I'd never really been interested in alphabet sets before but I missed my chance at making personalized things this holiday season so I thought I'd be ready for next time.

Also picked up this little pack of wintery sequins/shaker mix.

As always, Lawn Fawn includes freebies when you order from their website.

Newton's Nook also had a nice Black Friday deal so I picked up a few more things.  Obviously I have baby cards in mind with this set.

This snowman set was too cute to pass up.

As was this one.

I saw SO many cute things made with these coffee and cocoa stamps that I just had to get the set.

In fact, here is a set of gift tags that I made using those images.  Freakin' cute, right?!

And then there is this set using other random winter images.  Also super cute!

I also made a ton of these gift card holders.

I made a bunch of these little treat boxes in a variety of festive paper designs.

I did not even attempt to make any actual Christmas cards this year.  My attention shifted to these more gifty type creations for a while before my interest once again died away completely.  I don't know how to explain it without sounding like the same old whiny broken record, but I can't shake the "Why am I doing this?" feeling.  At times I get super excited about building Achy Joints as our little creative outlet business, and other times I feel like I'm wasting my time because there is still nothing crafty coming from the rebuilt barn part of the whole thing.  I've come to resent the barn and everything related to it.  We're back in debt because of it.  We don't ever do anything because all of hubby's time and effort is still focused on the barn.  Christmas is small this year because of the barn.  Hubby's Christmas list is all things for the barn.  And yet, there are no crafty projects coming from there yet.

In this digital world, sending greeting cards is becoming a rare thing.  Paper crafts in general seems to be a hard thing to generate interest in.  I'm thinking once we get some other crafty things, like little wooden home decor pieces and bird feeders and whatnot, people might be more likely to buy those and might also be more likely to add a handmade birthday card or set of gift tags to their order.  Since they are not to the point of producing such things yet, I get frustrated and feel there is no use in me trying to promote and sell cards and things for Achy Joints right now.  I could be (should be!) using this time to keep making things and get a nice big inventory built up for when the time comes, but no, I get crabby and depressed and just want to quit completely.  People have insisted that I just step back and not worry about crafts for a while, do something else instead, don't get rid of my supplies in a fit of rage.  So that's what I've been doing for a couple weeks now.  I've been watching TV and lounging around, trying not to worry about things.

So for the time being, you might see the occasional card or thing I've created featured here on the blog but I'm going to just let the AJC Facebook page gather dust for a while until we see if hubby can ever actually get going on his end of the deal.  In the meantime, I'll be watching more Big Bang Theory and playing my bubble shooter game on my phone.

Thoughts on the matter?


  1. Cute stuff! Chameleons always make me smile :)

    I'm bummed about the decline of real cards. I still send traditional Christmas cards but receive fewer each year, and many of them are the photo types which are nice, but often just shoved into the envelope with no note or greeting. /end old lady rant lol!

    1. Email me your address! I'd love to send you a good old fashioned snail mail Christmas card! I'm sending out fewer each year because we're just not getting very many. I think we sent out 20+ last year and got maybe 5. :(


  2. You know my thoughts but I still like to comment. :-) I love the otters! The tags and gift boxes are super cute. But I can only imagine your frustration. But hey, when those bird feeders come out... put me in line please. I would love one.

    1. Will do! Hubby wants to make one of those large 'apartment complex' houses and put it up on a pole near the barn. In their rebuilding, they displaces many many barn swallows that had nests all over inside. :(

      The otters are cute. Lawn Fawn started a new thing where you get a free stamp/die if you order in your birthday month. December's is a panda set. He's cute and chubby, with a cupcake and a bamboo stick. I'm waiting till after Christmas the will place a small order before the end of the month to get it.