Thursday, January 18, 2018

Jan. 18

Hello!  How have you been??  I'm getting really sick of winter.  We haven't had much snow this year but I'm sooooo ready to be done with the cold weather.  I tell ya, the older I get, the less I can handle winter.  And to think, only a few years ago summer was my least favorite season.  Can't wait till it's here now!

Went to my mom's today, as I do each week.  Usually it's on Monday or Tuesday, depending on which day I have off that week, but crappy weather earlier had us waiting until today to go shopping instead.  Of course that meant we were at Walmart.  I haven't paid much attention to the wax section the past few weeks but today I did a quick glance as we walked by and I had to backtrack and do some sniffing.  Looks like they're getting some of the spring and summer scents already.  Part of me was like 'But you don't keep track of that stuff anymore,' but another part of me was like 'You should go back to wax blogging!'  In the end, I did grab two packs, sniffed a couple others, but did not scour the whole section and scribble a list of new scents.  Baby steps, baby steps.

Jamaican Rum Gelato - [no scent description]
This one reminds me of a sweet creamy coffee.  There is a lot of rum, and a sort of sharp edge to the note that some people might not like, but I think that's what reminds me of coffee.  This is not a bright and sweet dessert type scent.  Instead it is warm, a bit harsh, but still somewhat cozy.

Cucumber Melon Sorbet - [no scent description]
My first reaction to this was a sort of back of the throat 'ugh' feeling.  As I pulled my nose away from it the rest of the scent took over and called me back, and then I liked it.  There is a mild almost minty melon scent, with that sort of watery-ness of cucumber weaved throughout.  There is a touch of creaminess and a wee hint of warmth but this scent is definitely moving away from the heavier scents of winter and into the brighter scents of spring and summer.

I'll be back at Walmart tomorrow morning to do my own weekly shopping and I'll probably stop and browse the wax more thoroughly, maybe even make one of those lists of new scents like I used to.  I do know there is at least one more scent I'll probably grab tomorrow.

Other than that, not much happening today.  My mood has been up and down, but that seems to be my norm these days.  I'm very much into playing Wizard101 these days.  I keep getting frustrated by it lately though.  I'm in a new area that is harder than I'm used to.  Times like this are when I really miss the days that hubby used to play too, because we'd team up and battle through these tough areas.  I'm solo these days, not even getting involved with other players in the game.  Oh well, if I choose to be a loner I guess I need to get used to struggling through then, huh?

I'm supposed to be working on a project for work, but I absolutely do not want to do it.  I don't know if all the lead people have been assigned this task . . . I know at least one other has . . . but I have to update a procedure book for running one of the machines.  UGH.  I should just quit whining and get it done but, geez, I just don't want to dooooo it!  *sighs and cries in defeat*

Alrighty, going to attempt a few more battles in Wizard101 before giving up and going to bed.

What is most holding your interest these days?


  1. The winter truly has been extra brutal this year. Even down here. I don't mind it too much since I know they are brief cold snaps but I cannot imagine the cold pounding your body day in and day out like you get. I have missed you! I will be here bugging you again now that I am officially done with schooling. A work project huh? Sounds like homework to me. Can you do it on the job? Use it as an opportunity to get off your feet and get some munchies in the break room? Nothing fun has been taking up my time. I can tell you that. <3

    1. They seem to think I can get it done at work, right along with my regular work. Ha! There's no way. It used to be they would pay you for work projects you did at home. Keep track of how much time it took you and they'd reimburse you. They don't even do that anymore. So I'll get this thing cranked out and get it off my mind.

      So you're done being educated?! Good! What will you do now? Dive back into blogging? I'm reeeeeeally struggling to keep at it.


  2. Our winter has been an odd one. One moment its 7 degrees the next its back up to 50 degrees than followed back down to the 20's and low teens. No wonder we all have runny noses! I cant imagine your winter of being beaten with snow constantly like you have though.
    I have been trying to do the juggling act between busy life and fun but usually life wins leaving me with no time to do fun though this past weekend I did manage to sit down and do some painting on my new desk easel. I love it so much! It gives me a place to work and I can stand or sit without having to hunch over my work.
    Also my husband has got me addicted to a new game on his Nintendo Switch (comes on other systems/PC too). A game I think you would actually like as it is an RPG game as well. The game allows you to do projects around your farm, mine, sell, craft, fish, ect all in a days time during all the seasons. There is just tons to do and you the player decide how you want to play and live day to day and preform task to get achievements unlocked. The game is called Star Dew Valley if you wanted to look it up.

    I think you should pick up wax blogging again. Even if you only did it on a "as you feel like" basis, I enjoy reading what you think and talking about it. Especially the retail wax. Not many people focus on the retail wax so its fun to be able to discuss it with someone else.

    Have a good rest of the week.

    1. Here in my part of Wisconsin we haven't had much snow at all. When it's been cold, it's been REALLY cold, but it's been so up and down in temps that it's got everyone sick and cranky.

      Yay for comfortable work stations! What types of things are you painting?

      Oh lordee, don't tempt with games like that. I will definitely need to look it up now! I thought Minecraft would be so fun for me but it gives me motion sickness for some reason. And I was never able to get into any of the Sims games. Ok darn it, I need to look this game up.

      Wax blogging was a fun time. I do miss it. I even still gets hits and comments on old posts, usually retail wax stuff. I'm glad you appreciate the retail wax too! You're right, not many people do. I have a couple more packs I recently picked up just waiting to be blogged about.


    2. YAAssss. Come to the Valleeeyy.. *evil Laughs* hahaha. No really, it is such a fun ADDICTING game. I believe it started out as a PC game but overtime it was such a huge deal that they made it into different versions.
      I just hate it that I'm over here dorking out about it but no one understands the greatness! Let me know if you check it out and what your thoughts are.
      I just never was into even starting Minecraft. Not my thing. Sims I enjoyed for a little while but never wanted to play the story. I mostly played to build and design the houses.
      I really wouldn't call myself much of a gamer though I do enjoy the occasional game. Once I do find a game, I am usually hooked.
      Nintendo is usually my area of games.
      The last few things I painted were gifts for my nephew and brothers birthday. One was the Dog (K.K. Slider) from Animal Crossing and I painted up the Monopoly guy with Mario characters around him since my nephew is obsessed with Monopoly and his newest favorite is monopoly gamer. Somone also asked me to paint them up a character of Rick & Morty and I did a spin on it with him as Abe Lincoln.. so that was cool I assume.

      Let me know how some of those new wax goodies work out for you!

    3. Okay, I did a quick lookup of that game and I am intrigued. Casey says he actually has it already, so next time I'm at his place I'm going to try it. Yay!

      My son Ty was really into Sims at one point. I remember his character had Social Services banging on the door and taking his baby away because he was neglecting it or something. And there was something about a kitchen fire in his house.... Hubby was totally into SimCity for a while but it didn't last long, and he never got into regular people-based Sims.

      Rick & Morty. Ugh. I just don't get it. Hubby has it on sometimes and I think Ty likes it but for me, no thanks. Some of the cartoons out there baffle me. LOL


    4. Oh come on.. PICKLE RICK!? No I am just messing ha-ha. My husband enjoyed the show but it was a little twisted.
      OHHmygosh, Yes. I can't wait for you to play and see what you think. I think you will probably be taking the game home with you or buying a version for yourself. Again let me know! You are welcome to contact me on Instagram messanger if you want to chat more about it or when you try it. They even have a Wiki page that lets you learn more about each aspect in the game and helps you along or dork out. Whichever you prefer.
      Yeah I got pretty annoyed with Sims at times. You would tell the character to go one place (lets say a fire) and they would just totally ignore it and let the place burn to the ground or go dance around it and go bloody crazy acting like they don't know what to do.
      I could see why child services were probably called. Sims are really bad about leaving their babies around on the floors,tables, outside ect. We had cheat codes that let you play different ways and one of them would allow you to have vampire and alien babies. WEIRD.