Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Jan. 30

Hello!  Are you hanging in there during these crazy winter days?  We continue to be up and down in temperatures here.  We had more days in the 40s and yep, now we're slipping back down to teens and single digits.  Ah well, what can you do?

It was a rather mellow weekend here.  I went grocery shopping early Saturday morning but other than that hubby and I just lounged around home both days, no visitors, no excitement.  We watched the ProBowl game on Sunday only because Julie and her husband were there.  How fun is that?!  I mean, the ProBowl is a rather boring event, more for fun and show than for real football, but it's still pretty cool that she got to go.  And she's tasted a bit of Vikings awesomeness......  I'll need to get her some purple things and teach her the Skol chant before next season.

Yesterday Ty showed up extra early to do his laundry.  He said he knew I was going to my mom's so he came earlier to visit.  Nothing overly exciting happening in his life right now either.  Then I went to my mom's, took her shopping, got her laundry done, and headed back home fairly early.  Then I started feeling the anxiety creep up the rest of the day.  I tried to play Wizard101 but felt distracted, like there were other things I needed to be doing instead.  So I went and did the dishes, picked up around the house, did a small load of random laundry.  When I went back to the game I felt a bit more at ease and was able to play for a while.

Oh, while Ty was here I was showing him Stardew Valley and telling him about my frustrations with it.  He explained a few things he'd discovered about those types of games, like how they don't give you all the information because you're supposed to think and figure things out.  It seems like such a 'Duh!' statement but the more he talked about it, the more it made sense and the more I started to feel okay with trying a little harder.  I suppose because the game *looks* so simple and primitive you just don't expect it to be any sort of thinking game.  Like in Minecraft, he was explaining how a furnace is one of the main things you need for so many tasks but it doesn't tell you what to burn in it, or that some things burn better.  He said it was trial and error and *thinking* that helped him figure out what burns longer and where/how to get those things.  (Or something like that.  I may have slaughtered his whole story.)  So I'll try playing Stardew Valley with new eyes now.

I ended up going to bed super early last night because I'd slept soooo horribly the night before, and because I was still feeling weird.  Slept like crap again last night and ended up calling in sick to work today.  I'm not sure if I'm actually sick (flu is going around) or if it's just the usual anxiety again.  It's disappointing because me missing work is not doing anything to help pay off our Barn Project debt.  I have some things I feel obligated to get done since I'm skipping work, but other than that I'm hoping to lounge on the couch, watch some murder TV, and maybe takes some naps.

Do you feel guilty when you call in sick?


  1. I am just now getting to catch up on some blog reading in between working.. shh! I had no clue you were struggling with the game this bad. So sorry that it has been this much of a frustration until now! I hope you begin to enjoy it and it becomes more of a relaxer than a frustration.
    I know how tricky and how much a pain anxiety can be. Mine has been on a rampage here recently bumming me out to the extreme. SO sorry that you also have to put up with it.
    Hope things get better for you soon and that you will get some rest today. <3 remember I am just a message away if you have a question about the game or just want to talk, dont let the game get you! lol

    1. I think I just wasn't giving the game enough credit. It seems so primitive that I couldn't believe it wasn't easier to figure things out. I was quite hooked to it yesterday! I actually had to pull myself away to go do some things around the house and then show my other game some love.

      I thought my stress and anxiety were tapering off, or at least leveling out, but it seems they're just taking on a new form. I'm home again today, but I'll explain all that in a post today.

      I'm enjoying chatting with you and getting to know you! It's a refreshing distraction, so thank you!