Sunday, January 21, 2018

Melted - Southbound Candle Co. / Americana

Americana - 'Apple, spice, cream, and vanilla.'

I would normally save an apple and spice scent for fall but this one didn't really speak "Fall!" to me.  It's sweeter, and prettier than a fall type scent.  I don't know if I'd actually recognize any apple in here if I didn't know better.  There is some spice, and the vanilla is more extract-like, giving this scent a bit of sharp edged warmth, if that makes any sense.  And that apple note is just dancing throughout it all, adding a big dose of 'sweet and pretty' while hiding the fact that it's apple.  Makes me wonder if there is more to this scent than the notes listed.

I melted two cubes (0.8 oz. each) in tea light warmers in adjacent rooms.  The scent was quite strong right out of the gate but it quickly fizzled to where I couldn't even notice it anymore after only an hour or two.

This was a nice enough scent to have tried once but I don't think it's something I would go for again.  It was also a bummer that it didn't last very long.

(This was gifted to me.)


  1. Too bad it didn't last, it is a pretty melt for sure. I just recently picked up a new apple scent by the name of Apple Butter that I believe you would like that Walmart is now carrying. When I picked it out I actually was on the hunt for the Nutter Butter melt we had previously discussed. They of course didn't have it but this one really intrigued me. Interested to see what you think if you run across it.

    1. I think I've seen that Nutter Butter one now! There was something with chocolate peanut butter bars on the label, can't remember the actual name though. I took a big deep sniff and was like -WHAM- peanut butter in the face. Yummy to eat but not something I like for home fragrance.

      I think the Apple Butter one is still at my store. I know I sniffed it several times during the fall season but never did buy one. I'll have to give it another sniff next time I'm shopping.


    2. Ah, so a no go on the nutter butter? I figured that would probably be how it would go. Everyone is hyping it up big time when they find it but again.. can't trust the hype.
      I have a peanut butter melt from Tiffany Candles I have yet to melt because it is just too.. dare I say nutty? lol. I figured I would hang onto it until I felt inspiration to blend it with something else.

      I melted a cube of the Apple Butter Sunday night while the Husband and I watched Monk and it just didn't throw as strong as I expected it would. Usually I am blown away with BHG & Scentsationals wax with only one cube but with this scent it was barely noticeable at times.

    3. If you want me to send you that (possibly) Nutter Butter one, let me know. I'll double check just what it's called next time I'm there. Or like I mentioned in another reply, if there are any that you're absolutely needing to try but can't find, let me know! I'm happy to help BHG/Scentsationals fans like me!