Sunday, February 11, 2018

Feb. 11

So, Friday I did end up hauling out my family tree stuff and started puttering around on the website I use.  I've always been a stickler for only using information that I'd found myself but on that day I gave in and started using the matches and 'discoveries' the website was leading me to.  I was so thrilled to be getting more information!  I mean, I was reading through all this stuff that other people had, that the site was directing me to, and enough things matched that I accepted it was indeed about the people I need info on.  There is an option to import such things to your own tree and I started doing that.  Well, later on I realized it just replaces the info you might have already had entered, with the new stuff you're importing.  Wait, what?  Noooooo!  And that brought everything to a frustrated and angry halt . . . again.  Now I'm considering just deleting my whole family tree and starting over with MY information, and then very carefully bringing over bits and pieces from other peoples' trees.

I did find more info on my dad's side though!  This is where the bulk of the German blood comes from, I'm pretty sure, and it was where I'd always been stuck.  I was able to find that one family was from the Berlin area, and one was from the Posen area, which was Prussian at the time and I think might be Polish now.  Bah!  I wanted to from the south, to be Bavarian!
Yes, Ludwig, go ahead and smirk at me.  I am your Prussian enemy.  And I've walked through your castle!  So who's smirking at who now?

I ended up talking to my sister on Friday.  On the phone!  That might seem like 'Uh, so?' to most people but I'm sooooooo not a phone conversation person.  Seriously, I can barely even figure out how to use my phone AS a phone.  But anyway, she called so we could discuss the Ludwig movie, which she had finally watched, and then ended up talking about a variety of other things, including writing novels and the Fifty Shades books.  I have not read them but lately I've been thinking I want to give them a try.  I tried watching the first movie some time ago and gave up because the actors killed it for me.  Now the third movie has just come out and I find I'm curious about the story.  I'm not curious about their kinky sex life, but I'm curious about what keeps them together.  They're married and she's pregnant?  Maybe reading the books will be easier for me in this case because I won't have the super dull actors ruining it all.  Now, do I want to spend the money on the books?  LOL

Saturday morning hubby went grocery shopping with me and then we stopped at Menards so he could pick up some more tools and things for the shop.  He's had a gift card and rebates piling up, and wanted to finally use some.  Our weather is still not anything close to where he'll be able to start working out there again, but he's getting anxious.  I did pick up four more packs of the $0.50 clearance packs of wax from Walmart.  I didn't bother taking a pic but I got another of the Cinnamon Apples (Scentsationals) and decided to get a Pumpkin Spice (Scentsationals), as well as Spiced Pumpkin Pie (BHG) and A Thankful Harvest (BHG).  I decided to go ahead with those heavier pumpkin scents just in case my tastes swing back to that this fall.  For $0.50, why not??

It's been a Wizard101 weekend here.  Yay!  Hubby decided he'd go ahead and play again to help me through some hard quests.  We reactivated his account for one month, and I had to laugh when he ended up playing more than me all weekend.  LOL  He stayed up later than me last night, still playing, and he was on it before me this morning and stayed on most of the day.  I took breaks to do laundry and dishes and watch a bit of TV when I got frustrated.  He took a break to make us BLTs for lunch, but otherwise he's been playing.  I don't expect this to last long, which is why we only paid for one month for now, but it's fun at the moment.

Really not much else happening around here this weekend.  My mood has been gradually declining.  I don't know if I've mentioned it here but I've been keeping a mood journal for a couple weeks now so I can see if there is some sort of pattern to it.  I'm trying to not get too upset about the down-slide, and it's not all that horrible anyway.  And it might sound weird but I'm really starting to think that naps on my days off might help.  I don't know why I fight so hard against the idea?!  My gosh, I'm like a stubborn toddler!  I can't take a nap, I might miss something important!  Even though it leaves me overtired and even more cranky...

How was your weekend?
Are you a nap taker?

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