Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Feb. 14 - Valentine's Tag

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!  A couple bloggy friends and I thought it would be fun to do a Valentine's tag.  So whether you're buried under a pile of roses and chocolates, or of the 'Bleah, whatever!' camp, we hope you enjoy the following questions and hope you'll even play along!

Here we go!

1. Do you celebrate Valentine's Day?
Rarely.  Early on in our relationship, hubby and I used to get each other a card and some cliche little gift but it eventually fizzled out.  I used to have decorations too but these days I only have on tiny little Dollar Tree flower arrangement, and two skimpy Dollar Tree clumps of fake roses with hearts.

2. Do you send Valentine's cards?
Sometimes, depending on my mood at the time.  I usually give one to my mom just because it brightens her day.  I usually send one to my sister too.  I do still enjoy sending cards but fewer and fewer people even care about getting them in this digital world.

3. Do you like candy conversation hearts?
I do!  It's kind of an obligatory thing though, ya just gotta have those things at Valentines.  I like the bigger, flatter ones because they seem a little softer sometimes.

4. Are you romantic?
Not at all.  Not. at. all.
There is no mood music or dimming of the lights, no candles, no wine, no roses.  There is no dreamily staring into each other's eyes at some fancy restaurant.  No whispering sappy crap in each other's ears.  I'm a boring party pooper, I know.
5. Would you rather receive flowers or chocolates?
Chocolates!  I do like flowers and it is nice to get them now and then but our cats destroy them so it's a pain in the butt and ends up being a waste of money anyway.  But really?  Who doesn't love chocolate??
6. Who is your favorite fictional or celeb couple?
Bella and Edward from Twilight immediately come to mind, although Violet and Phoenix from Embrace are a very close second.  Ooh ooh, at the moment I really like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle!
7. Who would your dream date be with?  (Current significant other excluded.)
Holy wow, what a question.  Hmmm!   I really truly can't think of anyone I'd want to go on a dream date with.  There are people I'd like to meet but not necessary go on a date with.  I'll have to pass on this because I'm just coming up empty.

8. What would your dream date consist of?
Well, how can I answer that if I don't have anyone to date?  I guess it would be something like spending time at a medieval castle.

9. What scent will you be melting/burning/wearing this Valentine's Day?
I'll be working so I won't be melting any wax or burning any candles, but if I was at home it would probably be something lightly fruity and fun.  I don't think I'd pick a heavy bakery scent for this day.

10. Finish in your own way:
Roses are red, violets are blue
Here's hoping this Valentine's Day, will be special for you!

As mentioned at the top of the post, feel free to play along whether posting on your own blog or site, or just answering in the comments below!  And please pop over to my two bloggy friends' blogs to see what fun answers they each came up with.

Jessica at The Meltdown Blog


  1. Aww, I loved your Roses are red, Violets are blue! Cute!
    I teased with Julie about the dream date question that you must have made it up since it stumped her because I just sat puzzled but it stumped you too!
    I hadn't really thought about what I was going to melt until last night and I had sat and picked a few things and some Rose Girls came to mind. We will see if they actually get melted but they sounded good!
    Have you ever gone to Medieval Times? Or is that something you would think you would enjoy

    1. I waited too long to answer the tag questions, did it under pressure and couldn't think of anything. NOW, after the fact, things are popping into me head. Doh! Like how fun would it be to go on a date with Sheldon from Big Bang Theory??

      I have not gone to Medieval Times but I know about it and would love to go some day. Many years ago we went to a big RenFaire a couple hours away from where we live. It was so miserably hot that day though, and we'd never been to one so weren't quite sure what to expect, so it was kind of overwhelming. I'd *LOVE* to go again though!

      And see?! My dream date could have been to a RenFaire with Sheldon! LOL!!


  2. I would go on a medieval dream date with you. Pick me! Pick me! I won't even make you be romantic with me. Bella and Edward were quite the hot couple back then weren't they? So much tension. So much heart wrenching lust and love.

    1. Ok, we're going to a RenFaire, then to Medieval Times for dinner and show, then hopping over to Germany for the Rhine castle cruise. Pick you up in an hour.