Friday, February 2, 2018

Feb. 2 - The Wax Gods Are Taunting Me

Groundhog Day . . . and they say six more weeks of winter.  Well that's a bummer.  From what I've been hearing on weather reports today, we could about four inches of snow in my area tomorrow.  We'll see!  We haven't really had much snow this winter.  It'll snow a bit, maybe lightly cover the yard, then warm up and melt it all anyway.  I'm not complaining about that, but I am sick of the cold.  Bleah.

I went shopping this morning and found that my Walmart has totally redone their candle/wax aisle again.  They cut the wax melts section in half, at least!  They're going very heavy on the candles and oils now.  That sucks big time for wax melt fans like me.  I noticed all of the fall and holiday scents that were still there and marked down last time I was shopping, were gone now.  I didn't see them on an end cap clearance, didn't see them in the big bin o' wax they usually have center-aisle nearby, didn't see them back in the seasonal room where I thought they might have last traces of Christmas stuff.  Huh, gone.  Bummer.

But wait!

When I was looking at frying pans, many aisles away from the wax section, I noticed a lady setting up a new end cap display . . . with all the discounted fall wax!  I was like ooh ooh oooooh, anxious to dive in and grab some low priced goodies!  She had two carts of wax and candles blocking the way though, and was still stocking the display.  So I lingered in the frying pan aisle, keeping an eye on her so I could swoop in as soon as she was done.  Nope.  She was just poking along.  So I moved down towards that end of the aisle to at least get a better look and saw BHG/Scentsationals for $1.50-1.00, the Yankee ones for $1.50, and Mainstays for a mere $0.25!  I'm not supposed to be spending extra money these days but dang, I wanted to get some of these because I know they'll still be fine by the time fall and winter roll around again!  I lingered as long as I could then got fed up and left to finish my shopping.  It just kept nagging at the back of my mind though and I headed back to that randomly placed wax clearance end cap display about fifteen minutes later, and she was STILL poking along, still with carts in the way!  UGH!  I could have been like 'Excuse me,' and reached over but since I wanted to do some sniffing and not just grab blindly, I felt weird about it and just abandoned the whole idea.  Darn pokey-ass stockers who think no one cares because they're randomly placed in a low traffic area!

Oh well, it saved me money I don't need to be spending.  Except that, uh, I did buy two regular priced ones over in the newly shrunken wax section.

Island Melon Coconut - 'Be one in a melon with this unique, mouthwatering, melon coconut scent. Sun kissed melon with the added sweetness of vanilla. Embrace the pure freshness!'
I've had this one before and really enjoyed it.  (Read my Melted review from last year HERE.) This is so summery, but not overly sweet or juicy.  There is a warmth that just works in this.

Summer Strawberry Mimosa - 'Sweet summer strawberries, sun-ripe raspberries and island sugarcane are blended with hints of fresh cut pineapple and sparkling French champagne.'
I don't usually go for champagne scents but I didn't know it was in this and I don't really pick up on it even now that I know it's there.  I mainly get a fun strawberry scent with a little added brightness from the pineapple.  I suppose if I really think about it I can detect tiny hints of the champagne.  This is a smooth, sweet, happy scent for spring and summer.
And then I got home and found that the Rosegirls site is open for pre-orders.  *forehead smack*  Did I not just say repeatedly that I shouldn't be spending extra money right now?  So why would I even bother looking at the site?!  And why did I have to see that they have Peppermint Coconut Mallow available?!?!  AND a peppermint-vanilla-waffle cone scent?!?!?!  I don't know if I can resist this.  I've managed to for several hours now but I don't know if I can hold out.  That sort of signature Rosegirls creamy note in a vanilla-mint blend might be my dream scent for Christmas!  It might not be back around again closer to Christmas, or ever!  And the Peppermint Coconut Mallow is just an amazingly awesome favorite scent going back to our old Muffin Club days.  Ugh, what to do?!
I have not logged on to either of my games yet today and that's making me kinda twitchy.  Yesterday I started working my low level Death school character again in Wizard101.  I found I really don't like her.  The Death spells seem so limited.  So I switched to a different lower character in the evening, a level 38 Balance school character that had been my main one back when I was playing a few years ago with hubby.  I already like this character better than my Death char, and I've found she must have originally been a Storm school character because she has a full arsenal of those spells.  Interesting.  I also think I'm about *thisclose* to getting hubby to start playing again!  That would be so cool!
Alright, well, I have some laundry to finish and then have to think about supper.  Then maybe I can finally log on and play.
How is your Friday going?
Got any weekend plans?
Eagles or Patriots?


  1. Ugh, that is so frustrating. They are supposed to move if they see customers coming down the aisle that way they aren't in the way. But I've just learned with experience that none of them care anymore. Just common decency.
    I'm trying to be good too but I have a twitch to buy and I really don't need to be buying, I have enough to melt right now. I was tempted by the RG coconut Mallow too.

    1. She probably would have moved if I'd actually appeared to be interested in the wax. I didn't make any attempt though because I could see by the carts she wasn't anywhere near done stocking the shelves. If I would have seen one/some that I knew for sure I wanted I would have gone ahead and "Excuse me," nudged my way in, but I wanted to browse and sniff, and that would have been awkward. lol

      I'll be back there today though, with my mom, and I'll be sidetracking over to that random aisle to see if anything is left!


  2. Those tricksy wax gods. Loki must lead up that particular gang. Did you end up placing a RG order?? Lady. You just need to go the store already so I can go virtual shopping with you. :-) Guess what? I did not watch one second of the Super Bowl and neither did my husband. He was in the bedroom watching Harry Potter DVDs and I was in the living room watching Riverdale on Netflix. I think the Pro Bowl was the highlight, soggy as all get out, but highlight nonetheless, of our season this year.

    1. I did not order RG. I resisted the urge! And I'm feeling glad that I did, just feels right/responsible. lol I'd love to get to the RG store one of these days but I need hubby to drive me there (at least the first time) and it's just not working out schedule or weather wise. :(

      I did not watch the Super Bowl either. I was at work, checked the score on my phone a couple times, and then it was halftime when I got home. Went to bed shortly after that. I'm glad Philly won though.

      I'm feeling an urge to watch Ludwig again. I suddenly phased out of my Tudor stuff, don't even know why?! But now Ludwig is on the brain again.