Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Feb. 7 - More Cheap Wax?!

I had to go back to Walmart this morning to pick up some things I hadn't gotten yesterday, and I headed right back to that discounted fall wax section.  Hehe!  It's starting to get picked over now but I still found some goodies to bring home.

I grabbed two more of the Scentsationals Pumpkin Apple Muffin packs since they are only $0.50.  I was only able to find one more of the Yankee Pumpkin Apple Harvest and I grabbed it.  The only other two Yankee pumpkin scents left weren't not ones I liked enough to get, not even at the great low price of only $1.50.  I noticed Yankee's Banana Walnut Bread and decided to get one.  I'd passed it by in the fall because it's not a fall type scent to me but now, when it's time for just any ol' everyday scent, this will be yummy.  I also grabbed one pack of Cinnamon Apples (Scentsationals) because that's always a great staple for fall.  It's not the greatest spiced apple scent I've had but for only $0.50, why not?  I think I'm done raiding this random little discount display for now.  There are a bunch of other scents but none that I really liked enough.

Over in the regular wax section I noticed even more new spring/summer scents have been put out.  I got this Mango Sorbet Limoncello because it's such a sunny, lemony, happy scent.  I don't really pick up on any mango note, which is good because I often don't like mango scents.  There is a bit of a zest or effervescent note but it's tolerable enough for me.

I saw these new Better Homes & Gardens aromatherapy melts that I'd recently heard about.  They are 'essential oil infused' and come in a variety of scent combos that don't interest me at all.  I didn't notice what the price of these were but they are still 2.5 oz. packs just like the regular melts.  BHG also has a large line of aromatherapy oils now too.  You can kinda see a bit of them in the background of this pic.  My Walmart reduced their wax melt section to really push things like these oils and 'aromatherapy' items.  I guess that really is the hot new fad.  *sigh*

Moving on, hubby made it back to work today after being home sick the past two days.  Man, our paychecks are going to be pathetic after both of us missing two days each recently.  We were looking forward to our tax refund but I guess it'll just be for making up our lost wages now.  Oh well, life happens.

I played a bit of Wizard101 last night but not nearly as much as I'd hoped for the day.  I ended up switching back to my main character, my level 50 Ice mage.  I'm going to play today as soon as I get this posted.  I will, I will, I will!!!!  I've been playing Stardew Valley a little bit here and there but it's still not really grabbing me.  I mainly just get up (in game), chop some trees until my energy level drops, then go back to bed.  I rarely even go into the little village.  I'm not making any money because I'm not doing anything, and I can't upgrade anything because I'm not making any money.  Wizard101 still has my full attention though!

I'm in a total happy place today.  I feel freakin' great.  Am I bipolar?!  Hubby's at work, cats are napping, I'm pretty much pain-free for once, and my mood is fabulous.  I put some old cds into the stereo, just tons of random songs I'd collected as mp3s back around 1999-2000ish.  I have those cranked now and am having a blast revisiting the happy places those songs remind me of.  Ohhhhh, if only everyday could be like this.

Do you know the song Got You (Where I Want You) by the Flys?
If not, go look it up, then turn it up.

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