Friday, February 9, 2018

Feb. 9 - TV Shows and Games

I kept meaning to post yesterday and in the end forgot all about it.  I stayed home for once, no running off to get something done, and that was nice.  Casey stopped by for a bit after work and we were able to finish his taxes.  We chitchatted about game stuff for a while, then he was on his way, and I had a whole leisurely, uninterrupted day to myself after that.

After some temporary setbacks in Wizard101 I've decided to keep playing my main character, my level 50 Ice mage.  I'd been working my way through Dragonspyre and finding the battles much harder, which was discouraging in itself but then I read that you can not solo the final boss of that land.  What?  Well dang.  Because I totally play solo.  I've never liked playing with other people in-game unless it's someone I actually know in real life, and that goes back to early days of playing World of Warcraft when I quickly learned how freakin' horrible people in games can be.  So even though I'm not up to the final boss yet, I'm already dreading the thought of having to do it with strangers, and that's what made me switch to other characters for a while.  Anyway!  I've switched back to my main character now and decided I'd just go do some other areas instead.  Ha, except I can't get any farther until I beat this big boss.  But wait!  There are a couple areas I never finished in another land!  I'll go work on those now that I'm a higher level!  Nope, they still kick my butt!

Swallowing my pride and terror, I used the little help kiosk thingie to see if anyone else cared to do these other battles with me.  The first time was awkward for me but turned out fine because no one really spoke beyond the initial 'Hi.'  We kicked the butts of the foes and I beat it out of there.  *phew*  That was Wednesday night.  So yesterday, when faced with another battle that was larger than I could handle alone, I did that help option thing again, and once again people showed up and just battled.  No chitchat, no bossiness, no nothing but glorious victory.  Woohoo!

And that's about all I did during the day.  When hubby got home from work we ate supper and got caught up on recorded episodes of The Magicians and Knightfall.  Anyone else out there watching either of these shows?
Quentin & Eliot (The Magicians)
I've had my ups and downs with The Magicians but I'm quite enjoying it now.  It's just such a snarky mess, there's nothing you can do but roll with it.  They put so many pop culture references into everything, and it's like all rules are out the window now that magic is gone.  I'm really starting to love Eliot.  I had a love-hate relationship with him before but right now I think he might be my favorite character.  I do hate the way Quentin talks though, always so halting and, I don't know, like he's never quite sure what he wants to say.  Every now and then, fine.  But not every damn sentence!  And Margo talks so slow, with all her words so long and drawn out.  I hate that too.  And I hate Julia's voice too, and how she uses it.  It's like, move your jaw and say your words!  Apparently I'm a voice snob now?

Landry (Knightfall)
And Knightfall . . .  That show kinda took me by surprise.  I quite liked it but I'm also a little bummed by it.  There is no word yet if there will be a second season so this week's season finale kinda rode a fine line between wrapping things up and leaving just enough left open to continue.  This show is about the Templar Knights, which I know very little about.  It doesn't start at the beginning, the birth of the order, but more towards the middle or end of their time.  I really didn't know diddly about these guys except that they were holy knights.  Things like the Da Vinci Code and freemasons always come to mind but I never know why because I've never taken the time to learn more about them.  I figured this show would be my chance.  Very early on in the series I was excited to realize there were characters named Gawain and Parsifal!  What?!  Ohhhh, Gawain and Parsifal and the Holy Grail!  This was one of King Ludwig II's favorite stories!  So I was greatly interested in seeing their story play out.  I was disappointed though because Parsifal was a whiny little twit who ended up being murdered because of his own stupidity.  Gawain became Temple Master Landry's mortal enemy when Landry wouldn't let him drink from the Grail in hopes of healing his battle wounded leg.  Gawain became a traitor to the Templar Knights and his goal was to get the Grail for himself, and kill Landry.  Yeah, I don't think this is the story King Ludwig II was in love with.  Bummer.  But I did learn about the knights and about the political troubles surrounding France at the time.

My mood continued to be great yesterday although it did slip into some pensive melancholy (is there such a thing?) later in the day.  I'm still listening to my old cds of mixed songs, still loving it, but the strong memories and emotional attachments to a lot of them have me thinking about younger days, both happy and not so happy.  I'm finding my German blood is really stirring right now, my German roots are calling to me.  I really want to haul out my family tree stuff and try working on my dad's side again but I know I'll just get frustrated.  You'd think it wouldn't be so hard to do such research these days, but it still is.  I have old posts where I natter about this so I won't go into it all again here but dang, why can't I find anything about my dad's side of the family?!  It's the one area I know the least about!  And it's where my German side comes from!

We had more snow overnight and the roads are bad this morning so I'm settling in for another day of Wizard101 and sentimental old songs.  These might get pushed aside in favor of watching my Ludwig movie again (AGAIN!) or maybe even going ahead and dragging out the family tree stuff.  We'll see!

Are you familiar with the Templar Knights?
With Gawain and Parsifal?
Name one song you have a very strong sentimental attachment to.

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