Thursday, March 1, 2018

Mar. 1

Hello!  Happy March!  I got the blog all dressed up in green for St. Patrick's Day.  At times I love my Irish roots and lean that way, and other times I adore my German roots more.  Sorry, Ludwig, but we're swinging back to Ireland for a while.  Julie inadvertently helped this by mentioning Old Blind Dogs on her blog, which of course made me think of Gaelic Storm, which then sent me down memory lane to my crazy Titanic days and all that came with it.  I've had my Gaelic Storm cds playing most of the day today and yes, my blood is flowing green for now!

This is Mary and George, my Irish kinfolk.  I'm pretty sure it was George's parents who came to the US from Ireland back in the early 1800s, with scandal and drama attached, no less!

But anyway, what's been happening in my present day life?  Not much, which is why I haven't been blogging very often.  There just really isn't much to talk about lately.  I work and I try to relax and recover on my days off.  I'm not making cards, not buying things, not going places or watching anything exciting.  I'm slow in my reading, although I *might* finally have a new book review tomorrow if I manage to finish my current book tonight.  So yeah, nothing really noteworthy here.

The weather continues to be up and down.  We kept having warm days and rain, and then temps would drop and it would all freeze over.  Things are pretty mushy around here but I'm surprised it's not more flooded than it is.  Even when the temps drop back down, there is a definite feel of spring in the air.  Could we be lucky and have those late season snowstorms skip us this year??

I went to Ty's for a while earlier today.  We were trying to figure out his taxes because it looks like he'll owe this year.  After working on that we just sat around chitchatting.  I so rarely go to Ty's place that it was weird to be hanging out and talking to him instead of being at Casey's.

Okay, wait.  I just glanced out the window and it's snowing.
Well, isn't that lovely?  Hopefully none of it stays.

Anyway, hubby's working overtime this week and it comes at a good time.  We got the bill for our part of his shoulder therapy and it was way more than we were expecting.  I had a bit of a meltdown about it because it's like we just can't get ahead.  As the blog title indicates, "It's always something!"  We WERE ahead at this point last year, but then we bought that stupid tractor, and then the barn project started a couple months later.  I guess I should clarify, we're not struggling or slipping farther behind with these things.  It's just that every dollar we can spare is trying to get these things paid off as soon as we can, so it *seems* like we have no money for the extra things we're used to just buying or doing.  But along with putting all the extra money onto these two things, it seems something else is always popping up.  Like this doctor bill, or the tree that we need to get cut down, or refilling the fuel tank for the furnace.  So this bit of overtime that he's getting is much appreciated!

I received a very lovely package from Jessica (The Meltdown blog) recently, crammed full of wax from a variety of vendors for me to try.  I'd never even heard of some of them, like Back Forty, or Pixie and Toad.  I'm not really doing Melted posts on them because I'm still enjoying being a casual melter for now, and also because part of me feels weird about reviewing wax I didn't pay for, especially if it's not a great review.  I know, I've done it in the past, but I was also much more into wax blogging then.  I don't know, what do you guys think?  Should I?

Jessica also sent a fun little crafting envelope project thingie.  There are a couple of coloring pages that she started but left plenty blank so I can color some and send it back to her.  There were a couple other fun little things in there too, but all are small and flat so this little game will always fit in a regular envelope and only ever cost the price of a regular stamp.  Kinda neat!  Now I gotta get in gear and get it sent back to her.

Alrighty, I've nattered enough so I'm going to go grab something to eat and maybe watch some Snapped.  I'd love to take a nap but, well, we all know I fight against those like an over-tired toddler.

What's up with you these days?
Do you have Irish roots?


  1. Mary and George are adorable! I love Mary's expression--so sassy :) I think I have one or two Irish women in my family tree, but more Scots and Swedes mixed in with the big blob of Germans.

    I will definitely owe on taxes this year and trying not to freak out about it yet. LALALALALALALA!

    1. Yay for Germans! Do you know much about your ancestry, like any fun stories or anything? Or just that there are Scots, Swedes, and Germans?

      Oh no! Hope it's not too outrageously much that you owe! We got a bit back but with the days of work we missed at the start of the year it's like the tax refund just filled in the gaps. *sigh*

      Oh well, here's to better days for all!