Friday, March 2, 2018

Mar. 2

Alright, let me just rant a bit about something that really pisses me off.  If you're driving and you're in such a freakin' hurry that you have to pass other cars, you better continue to be going fast once you get by.  I can't tell you how annoying it is to have someone ride my ass only to finally pass AND THEN SLOW DOWN!  Seriously, people?!  Whyyyyyyy did you even need to pass then?!  Or, some dumbass will be right up on you and all impatient, then pass and turn off onto some other road very soon after.  Again!  WHY?!  If you were that close to your turn, why did you bother passing?!

Okay, rant over.

It's a gorgeous day here, sunny and temps near mid-40s.  It just totally feels like spring is here.  I'm seeing different birds showing up at the feeders again.  I even took a walk around the house to see if there is anything growing early in the flowerbeds yet.  (There isn't.)  I'll be so sad if we do get a late snowstorm.

Did my shopping this morning.  Didn't buy anything fun or extra because, ya know, we're trying to be responsible with our money, yadda yadda.  We're going to cheat and have Friday night fish dinners from a local place though.  It's been a while, so we're allowing it.  Other than that, I've just been puttering around the house getting things done, like laundry and last night's dishes.  Watched a bit of TV, got caught up on watching Lucifer.  I went back to playing Wizard101 a bit earlier today, and will play more after I post this.  I got discouraged recently because things just seem so much harder and different now where I'm at in the game.  Most of the extra quests in lands I'd thought I'd completed seem ridiculously hard.  I know I don't have to complete every one to keep progressing but I like to be thorough on such things.  I really wish there was a way to drop quests after accepting them, so they don't even show up in your quest log.  But anyway, today I've been playing around with different deck configurations to see if it helps.  I'm going to try the minimal style.  I was inspired by a lower level character than me who was kicking major butt while I looked like a total bumbling noob.

I still did not finish reading that book I mentioned yesterday.  I *should* be able to finish it tonight though!  But since I work this weekend, there won't be a review posted until probably Tuesday at the earliest.  Let's just see if I finish it first.  lol

And that's about it for now.
I'm tired (told you I would not nap) and hungry and am going to play my game till hubby gets home.

How about you?
Any fun weekend plans?


  1. The driving thing makes me nuts. I've driven down to LA twice already this year and people do the most annoying things, like tailgating when they can clearly see there are a line of cars and/or trucks right in front of and next to me! Do you want me to levitate out of your way??

    I ended up not being on the Internet all weekend and spent most of Saturday just listening to music and reading. I've had such a hard time focusing on books so far this year, so it was a nice change, especially with a big storm going on outside. It meant that I missed out on farming the Boxes some more in Wizard101, but oh well. Mostly I just need some sonic springs to craft housing stuff.

    1. What do you think of these self-driving cars? No thank you! I will never trust computers and technology enough for something like that! I've seen the new, more high tech machines at work go haywire if even one little thing is out of adjustment. And that's just for packaging juice! LOL

      I haven't done anything with my house yet. I sold a bunch of housing items that I knew wouldn't fit with my 'look,' and I dumped everything all over the floor to free up space in my bag and bank, but beyond that...still nothing. I need to get on it! Or sell it back and decorate my dorm. Doh!


    2. PS - Reading... I finally finished that one I mentioned to you. Hoping to get the review posted today. It was a bit of a bummer but not horrible. And I've already given up on the book I started after that one. My reading this year so far has been disappointing. Bleah.


    3. As a matter of fact, my town just debuted driverless minibuses in the big office park nearby! Can't wait to see how this goes--it's already kind of chaotic at lunchtime with people trying to grab food and run errands, plus there's a lot of construction. Fun times lol!

    4. Craziness! I just can't fathom how that can all work. What, do they have programed routes? Do riders enter a GPS address? This small rural town hick just can't wrap her head around it. LOL

      I'm usually not a huge fan of dystopian stories but the book I just started reading is one. It's interesting though (so far) because it talks about how the human race has learned everything there is to know. They've conquered death, disease, everything. They stopped keeping track of years after 'the year they learned everything' and just keep going about life pointlessly. They now employ Scythes, to sort of cull the human herd. It's weird, but is it possible?