Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Haul - Sweet Fixations

A wax haul??  And it's not from Walmart???  Yes, friends, I have ordered some vendor wax.  As you know, I haven't been into wax for some time now.  Oh, I've still been melting on a very casual level, and buy a pack from Walmart every now and then, but that's about it.  Even then, I found I wasn't satisfied with Walmart's scent selection for spring and summer.  There is only so much fruity and floral that I can take!  So when I noticed the Sweet Fixations had added a few new scents I figured I'd go ahead and order like old times.

Sweet Fixations has long been my favorite wax vendor.  It's not a crazy popular site, and I like that.  The site is always open, you can order any of the scents at any time, and you get it within days instead of months.  There is a decent variety on the scent list but not so many that it's overwhelming or repetitive.  And the wax is affordable.

I ordered the scent shots, which is my favorite option at Sweet Fixations.  They are usually right around 1.6 oz. in weight, and that's enough for me to cut it in half and get two melts from one cup.  The scent shots are $1.75 each.

Let's see what I got!

Pixie Stick - (SF Blend) 'Sweet, powdery candy just like when you were little!'
As mentioned, Tia added a few new scents so I went ahead and ordered one of each.  I always like to get the new scents just to at least say I've tried them, even if I don't think I'll love them from the descriptions.  Ya never know!  This one is very sweet, just like you'd imagine, but it's not that super powdery candy type sweet that can be too much for me.  There is a note deep in the middle that I can't place, almost like a strawberry bubble gum.  I actually do like this one.
Pink Pixie Stick - (SF Blend) 'Sweet pixie stick candy and pink sugar crystals.'
I'm not sure if the 'Pink' in this is supposed to be Pink Sugar?  The description doesn't seem to imply that but it kinda seems like I detect soft notes of that ever popular scent in this.  This one is not as sweet as the previous Pixie Stick.

Apricot Sorbet - 'A blend of fruits including juicy melons, peaches and a splash of milkshake.'
I'm often not a fan of peach scents, and melon can be iffy for me but hey, trying all the new scents, remember?  As I feared, I do not like this scent at all.  Whatever it is about peach and certain melons that I don't like is strong in here, and the creamy vanilla from the milkshake just makes it worse.  At least for me.  I know there are people who will love this type of scent.  I'm just not one of them.
Enchanted Forest - 'The mystical smells of walking through a forest with notes of greenery and pine, pink roses, and violets.'
Another one I doubted I'd like because I'm not a floral fan.  My scent tastes have changed in the past year so while I usually would not go for this type I thought maybe these days I might like it.  Nope.  I don't even know how to describe it because this just isn't my type of scent, but I'd say the floral is strongest, with greenery behind it.  Pine is in the description but it is in no way a Christmas tree type pine scent.  I already know who I will pass this one on to.

My Life's A Beach - (SF Blend) 'The fun scent of a salty beach with freshly scented beach towels.'
Again, not the type of scent I often go for but I'm happy to report I actually like this one.  It is of the cologne-y sort but it does strike me as outdoors instead of just the usual 'sexy man scent' that I usually get from this type.  I think the addition of the beach towels (laundry) notes helps save this for me.
Caramel Pear Tart - 'Pears drenched in maple and buttery caramel sauce with honey.'
The last of the new scents and this is one of two absolute favorites from this whole order.  Ohhh my gosh, this is so freakin' good!  It's warm and gooey, and you might even be fooled into thinking it's a caramel apple scent.  The pear is juicy and sweet but it's a minor note in the overall scent.  It's deep in the middle, wrapped in the deliciousness of that caramel.  The maple and honey make this the type of caramel I love, sweet and creamy, not salty at all.  Love this one!!!
I went ahead and ordered several other scents to fill up my order.  I picked ones I've had before, ones I knew I liked.  Comfort scents, if you will.  There is one in this next bunch that I don't think I've had before and I'm baffled as to why.  But, let's just look at the rest!
Lemon Curd- 'Sweet fresh vanilla lemon, creamy and tart.'
 This is the one I don't know if I've had before and this is the other of my favorites from this order.  You know I love my lemon scents, right?  I more than love this particular one.  It's a bright, sweet lemon, more like Lemonhead candies than Pledge, and there is just a little bit of creaminess to keep the zesty edge in check.  It's not really bakery, but you can tell it's more than lemon without dulling that freshness.  LOVE!!!

Dole Whip - (SF Blend) 'Fresh pineapple and vanilla ice cream.'
A very nice creamy pineapple scent that I've enjoyed before.  Perfect for summer.
Yellow Polka Dot Bikini - (SF Blend) 'Great summer blend of creamy coconut and lemon.'
 More coconut than lemon, but creamy summer yumminess just the same.

Blue Hawaii - 'Tropical fruity drink with juicy orange, pineapple, lemon,cherries, rum and coconut.'
This one is another great summer scent, juicy and sweet, with just a touch of warmth from the rum and coconut.  The cherry and pineapple are strong, blending together nicely.
Graham Crackers - 'Crispy graham crackers with honey, wheat, sugar, and cinnamon.' 
This is a cozy, homey scent that I was surprised to find I loved way back when I first ordered it years ago.  I thought it would be to simple and blah for home fragrance.  Nope, not at all.  It's just like the crackers.  It's just so . . . comforting.

Vanilla Frosted Grams - 'Vanilla gram crackers topped with raisins and cinnamon.'
The description of this and another fine scent called Hansel & Gretel's House are very similar.  I've had both and enjoy both but have never had them at the same time to compare.  Are they indeed the same??  Now I'm really wondering.  Anyway, this is slightly sweeter but darker and deeper scent than just plain Graham Crackers.  I like!
Chocolate Chip Cookies - 'The wonderful smell of freshly baked cookies with semi-sweet chocolate and vanilla.'
Another cozy home staple scent that I've enjoyed often from Sweet Fixations.  On cold sniff the chocolate note seems really strong, but once it's warmed the other notes come through more and it really does smell like someone is baking cookies.

7-Up Pound Cake - 'Lemon-lime, warm cake, vanilla, and sugar.'
Yet another cozy home scent that I really enjoy.  It's a slightly sweet bakery scent, the pound cake distinct, and the subtle lemon-lime adding a fun twist.
Banana Caramel Cupcake - 'Vanilla cupcake mixed with bananas, caramel, cinnamon and topped with cream cheese frosting.'
One of the earliest scents I ever had from any indie wax vendor, this is still one of my favorites.  It is a sweet, slightly gooey bakery scent.  The banana note is soft but distinct.  The cupcake is mellow, without tons of sugary frosting.  The caramel is warm and creamy, with a hint of warmth from the cinnamon.  Sooo good!

Bedtime Bath - 'Soothing blend of lavender, chamomile, lily of the valley and musk.'
 This was a free sample and not a scent I'd probably ever pick for myself based on the description.  But ya know what?  That is why free samples are so awesome.  I can't tell you how many times a sample has opened my eyes to something I might never have even glanced twice at!  While I don't love this and probably wouldn't rush to get it again, I do still kinda like it.  I'm not good at picking these types of scents apart but I do think it's mainly lavender.  There is a bit of sweetness and I get the tiniest hint of musk.

Pumpkin Chai - 'Hot chai tea with a hint of spice and baked pumpkin dessert. Has all of the fall / winter notes you'll love.'
This was my other free sample and ohhhhh my, Tia knows me well.  This was one of her new scents late last year, too late to enjoy during the fall melting season.  I did order it but I don't know if I melted it since I received it in December.  Hmm, I'll have to see if I still have it in my fall stash leftovers.  Anyway, I love this scent!  It's a very warm and spicy pumpkin scent.  The tea notes are there, and that sort of pumpkin tang is there, like puree from a can.  I can't wait till fall now!
That is my order.  Did you see any you like?  Have you ever tried Sweet Fixations?


  1. YES! I dooooo see lots I like. The Pumpkin Chai first and foremost but also the Enchanted Forest and Banana Caramel Cupcake. I normally am picky about banana but I think if you like it, I will. I have often wondered if Hansel & Gretel and Graham Crackers were one and the same. Hm. Time for a showdown?

    It has been way too long since I have tried Sweet Fixations. I think I will remedy that this fall. Tia has a few scents I like. She has Cozy Home right?

    Waxy posts from Deb. Best day ever.

    1. Yep, she has Cozy Home. Check out her Cozy Nights too, another spiced cider one. Apple Harvest and Bobbing For Apples are two more great fall scents.

      I think I'll hold off melting these graham ones and get Hansel & Gretel's House in my next order so I can compare.


  2. Hey Deb, I just wanted to say thanks for your Ludwig obsession! I just got a question on Jeopardy right because of you

    1. That is so cool! What was the question?!


  3. Loving these waxy post from you!! Keep it up!! Iv r never tried this vendor and I may have to change that very soon

    1. I've loved Sweet Fixations for years. Back in my early days of wax SF was one of the popular ones but still never quite as popular as the other big name vendors at the time. I still love SF because she does not do the open/close thing, does not do the ridiculously long TAT thing, does not have waiting lists or any of that. If I want to order wax at 2pm on a Tuesday, I can browse her site and order what I want. Easy peasy.

      Yes, try her out!!!


  4. You twisted my arm and I placed a small order to first give her a try. Mostly fun fall scents for upcoming post to try and keep me in the groove and encourgaged to keep posting.
    I just quit posting without even meaning to and so I'm trying to pick back up over at my WordPress until I need to purchase a plan and I'll cross that bridge when I get to it because somehow it is letting me post for now.
    I'll let you know when I get my order!

    1. Can't wait to see what you got! I need to go through my fall leftovers from last year and see if I need to order my SF fall must-haves. I'll probably end up ordering just as tradition, regardless what I find in my leftovers.


    2. I popped over to your WordPress blog last night. I hadn't realized you were back to posting there. I'm not a fan of WordPress for various reasons so I tend to forget about blogs over there. Of course, I haven't done much of anything anywhere blogwise the past how many months. Heh.


  5. WordPress is where it all started for me and where my following is, even when I tried moving to blogger my WordPress continued getting several likes, followers and views even when I wasn't posting while my Blogger kept at a stand still with no growth, no views, notta.
    Sure, I'll let you know my first thoughts when I get my order!
    I sorted through my fall wax this past weekend to kind of get a feel of what I have which isn't much but I'll need to get through what I have. I'm excited to see what all the retailer's will put out, hope they won't disappoint.

    1. Yeah, I've always been on Blogger so it's natural that I prefer it. I know people swear by WordPress as being so much better, easier, more options, etc. I find it all more complicated. lol

      I'm excited to see what BHG/Scentsationals puts out this fall even if it is the same old stuff with new label pics. LOL! I want some really good dark, spiced cider types.