Wednesday, June 13, 2018

June 13 - Ludwig Anniversary

I'm really struggling in trying to get back into blogging but I at least wanted to get this post up.  Today marks the 132nd anniversary of the mysterious death of King Ludwig II.

I'd wanted to watch my beloved Ludwig movie today but things have been so crazy around here for a while now that, no, that's not going to happen.  His story really is sad if you look past the initial 'He was crazy as a loon!' that usually accompanies any mention of him, and his death is still an unsolved mystery, even in this day and age.

I also discovered it was this day a year ago that I announced my retirement from wax blogging (but not blogging in general).  Huh.

Okay, well I guess we'll see if ever accomplish really getting back to blogging or not.
Regardless, take a moment and remember King Ludwig II today!


  1. His deathday and Scarlette's birthday. His eyes do have that melancholy gaze even in his youth. What an emotionally charged life. You make me want to watch the movie again. I bet I can find it on YouTube. What kinda crazy you got going on?

    1. Just a lot of everyday life things that are keeping me busy. Every time I think I'm caught up and can slip back into my boring routine, something else pops up.

      I know the other, newer Ludwig movie is on YouTube. It's all subtitles though. I really didn't like that movie. It played more heavily on his crazy side right from the start, so it doesn't allow much room to show his decline.


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