Monday, September 10, 2018

Haul - Simon Says Stamp / Crafts

Simon Says Stamp is one of the biggest paper craft supplies sites to order from, and I've done a lot of business there.  September is a month long party referred to as Stamptember on the site, and Stamptember is happening now.  They have different sales and coupon codes and special collaboration sets with different vendors.  Their exclusive collaboration set with Lawn Fawn was revealed right at the beginning of the month and I grabbed it right away.  These special sets are limited edition.  When they're gone, they're gone.

And this is it!  This is the Nutty or Nice stamp and die set from Lawn Fawn, exclusively for Simon Says Stamp's Stamptember event.  At first I wasn't overly wowed by it and bought it more just to have it.  You know, 'When they're gone, they're gone.'  Once I had it in my hands though, ideas started forming.  Yes, I think this one could be fun with those mischievous squirrels stealing the snowman's nose.

I ordered this Skull 'n Crossbones Halloween shaker mix because of that silly idea that I'm going to try making shaker cards.

At the time that I ordered you could also pick a free gift from a short list of options.  I chose this Coffee Hour set.  It's tiny, only a 2 x 3 inch set, but that's okay.  I'm sure it can be used for some neat little note cards, or used along with some of the other coffee themed stamps I've gotten recently.

That is my wee little order.  I've been seeing some darn cute previews of the Newton's Nook Thanksgiving release, which is happening this Friday.  You can bet your boopy I'll be ordering!  Now I just need to find time (and discipline) to actually sit down and get something made with all these fun things.

So what do you think?  Are the squirrels stealing the snowman's nose, or bringing a nose to him?  Hehe.


  1. Love how excited you get over your crafting material! I get the same way about my art supplies. Of course you know I love the skull and cross bone shaker set, all because of the colors and the perfect little ghost inside.
    The squirrels stealing frosty's nose will be so cute!!

    1. I do get excited about these things. I often regret how much I've bought when I barely make anything. I kinda feel like I'd appreciate them more if I had less, and used those fewer things more. Then again, it seems to be a common trait among crafters...'Buy all the things!' One card maker that I follow has sooooooooo much stuff that's it's almost sad. She gets a lot sent to her from companies but even so, when there is more than you can ever use, and you're only ever using the newest thing that was sent to you... ya know?

      Oh by the way, I have a set of those markers you mentioned on my wish list now. Just trying to decide if I want to dive in or not. I'd be crazy not to at that price!


    2. Ooooooo, let me be your enabler and say "do it, do it, do it!" I am thinking about buying myself another set (trying to wait and see if they may show up for me birthday coming up or Christmas first) to have since I've used several of my markers plum dry and since they have revamped the packing style so to try them out and see how they roll.
      I hope you enjoy them if you do try them out! I have really enjoyed them and have really enjoyed layering them with coloring pencils too!
      If you remind me, message me sometime one night and Ill send you a pic of them so you can see them a bit better before you buy, mine will look a little different then what they have now as I think the caps are oval now and mine are like square I think but I've watched reviews and people that have reviewed them before are still really happy with them.

    3. I have not ordered them yet but I'm still thinking about it. If nothing else, like you, I'll ask Santa for them if I haven't caved and bought them myself before then. I feel like I don't want to get them quite yet if I'm not doing enough crafting to make them worth it. I keep meaning to get in that craft room and putter around but my days off always seem to get sucked away by other things. I'm trying though!