Saturday, November 3, 2018

Nov. 3

So that weather forecast I heard last night that was saying 1-3 inches of snow was changed back to rain.  Someone must have screwed up somewhere and played a forecast that wasn't for this area.  So yeah, supposed to be 50 and rain tomorrow.

Finally got to pack up the Halloween decorations today.  Because I worked on Nov. 1 & 2 I didn't get to it until today.  With each holiday or season I get a little less excited about decorating.  I've already been drastically cutting back on the amount of decorating I do but even so, it was just a major pain in the butt today.  I hated packing all those potion bottles and things carefully back into their bubble wrap cocoons in a tote.  I hated hauling everything up and down the stairs.  I even hated getting my few Thanksgiving decorations out and almost didn't bother.  What am I becoming?!  At this rate we'll be lucky if we have a tree up for Christmas this year!

Hubby was gone most of the day today, first helping get wood cut and stacked at his parents' and then helping his barn project partner move into his new house.  Tomorrow he'll head back over there to help finish the move, and says he might even miss the Vikings game.  Because he was gone I had the day mostly to myself.  And of course I feel like I wasted it.  I got all mad and mopey about the decorations then gave up for a while and just watched some TV.  Ty came over later in the afternoon and we played Wizard101 and ate a cheap, crappy pizza.  The pizza sucked but the visit from the boychild was a nice distraction from my cranky-at-myself mood.  He even took one of my Glade electric wax warmers and bit of wax home with him to see if he likes it.  He's always used those plugin types and is getting sick of them lately.

Today I am thankful for:
The miracle of DVR.  It's allowing me to gradually get back into enjoying TV shows again, and is slowly teaching me that it's okay to just sit and relax and watch something dumb once in a while.  Sometimes we all just really need that.

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  1. Are you bummed about not having snow or relieved? I like that you mention needing some downtime to decompress and just veg out while watching TV. I have been feeling guilty about watching more TV and reading while not getting as much blogging or quilting or cleaning done. But then I saw a quote or some feel good meme where it said something along the lines of your productivity is not tied to your worth. Basically that it is ok to veg out. You don't always have to "do" something.